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What is Matriarchy? What if women ruled the world?

Updated on October 12, 2013

Guru Rasa Von Werder says matriarchy is the way forward

The other night I was practising guitar and I had just finished singing my cover version of U2's hit I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. I decided to have a look online to see if I could find any David Icke videos I hadn't as yet seen, and many of you will know that I am a supporter of his work.

I didn't find any but I did discover a series of videos by Guru Rasa Von Werder enthusiastically promoting David and his work.

I was very impressed and went to watch her other videos (well, some of them - there are hundreds!) and to have a look at her main site. What stood out to me so strongly was how well Guru Rasa presented what she had to say - with so much positivity and energy, honesty and charisma.

By the way, since originally publishing this Rasa's account got deleted at YouTube and she lost all her videos. This is typical of the attacks she faces and has prevailed against. She has also had her account at Facebook removed as many as four times but she is back there now as Voice of MotherGod RasavonWerder.

Guanche female images

Guanche Princesa Dacil fountain in La Orotava
Guanche Princesa Dacil fountain in La Orotava
Guanche female goddess figure
Guanche female goddess figure

Best Matriarchy books to buy on Amazon

William Bond

I could understand what she was talking about and agreed with most of it and then I found that she knew my old friend William Bond. Not only that but she features William's books on matriarchy on her main site.

The basic idea is that long ago the world was run in a matriachal way and that there were no male gods but rather a Mother Goddess and that all humans and all living things were her children that she loved equally and unconditionally. The world was a happy place then and was in what has been described as a Golden Age. There were no wars, no slavery, no violence.The Mother Goddess became known by many names, many of which she is still called today like Isis and Mary.

Where I live in the Canary Islands the original inhabitants known as the Guanches had respect for a female deity and there are female goddess figures that have survived, but these people had their peaceful culture systematically destroyed by the patriarchal Spanish conquistadors who brought the Catholic religion, the cross, slavery, violence and death. It's the same old story all over the world.

The Guanche culture was not a matriarchal one but they clearly had great respect for the female. On the island of Gran Canaria there were priestesses known as "harimaguadas" It is interesting to consider that the patron of the Canary Islands is Mother Mary. In the basilica in Candelaria on Tenerife she is a Black Madonna.

Over a period of time men brought a changeover from matriarchal to the patriachal system and religions worldwide. Today we have Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism and Islam as the main patriarchal religions. We learn in the holy books how God punishes mortals and we get introduced to the threat of Hell and the reward of Heaven. We hear about religious wars, we read of commandments and terrible penalties for sinners who fail to obey them. We are taught that male priests are the mediators between God and the people.

There is no more talk of a Mother Goddess. There is no more unconditional love of the Mother Creator but in place there are rules and punishments, commands and threats.

Not only that but patriarchy tends to teach that some people are better than others and that God has a "chosen race." Patriarchy has brought about racism and slavery and warfare, genocide, conquest and domination. Patriarchy has also taught that animals have no souls and that they are for our use. And patriarchy has taught that there is an evil spirit known as Satan, the Devil. The Devil is male too and he has demons to help him. The Bible story paints the woman as bad because Eve was led astray by Satan.

But that was just a beginning of the systematic suppression of women that has continued down to today and I am sure you can all think of many examples of how women have been treated very unfairly and still are.

This patriarchal world is the one we have all been brought up in and we all bear its scars.The world has been run for thousands of years by men. The terrible mess it is in now is the end product of a world run by men and their patriarchal system of control.

The matriarchal way would be for women to be the leaders and this is proposed as the way forward to heal the world and get it back in harmony as it was originally intended.

Mother Earth is another way of expressing the Mother Goddess. She gives birth to all life here and fills the world with colour and diversity and wonder. The male world by comparison seeks to create sameness and control of the many by the most powerful men. In order to do this warfare, torture and suffering are all just tools of the patriachal way.

Why Women Should Rule the World by William Bond

Weapons of Mass Destruction and Depleted Uranium

Speaking of tools and battles between males, whilst many animals have agressive males that fight over territory and for mates none of them have at their disposal the terrible tools that men have made that are known as weapons. Weapons of mass destruction are a tool used by patriarchal males.

Many people both men and women claim that both sexes are equal and that a world ruled by women would be no better. What such people fail to acknowledge is that the military machine, the wars, the super weaponry and the weapons of mass destruction are all in the hands of men and created by men. They never hold up the names of any women scientists who invented terrible weapons, presumably because there are none. Atomic bombs are a creation of men! Depleted uranium used in weaponry and that persists for billions of years was used by men!

Bearing all these things in mind, many years back I became friends with William Bond, who fully believes in the matriarchal way to save the world. I had the book he wrote with Pamela Suffield - Gospel of the Goddess. By finding him on Guru Rasa's site I have got back in touch with him. William is now a popular hubber too and has written a lot about Matriarchy in hubs like this one:

And, aptly considering the song I had been singing, Guru Rasa is who I was looking for because for many years I have been saying where are the women authors and speakers who write and talk about alternative history and conspiracy theories? Now I have found that she does so.

But should the world be ruled by women? I'll leave you to decide on that.

Here's a site all about the subject:

And finally, below you will see a filmed interview with a truly remarkable lady, the Reverend Olivia Robertson who is the 95-year-old co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis.

Fellowship Of Isis Interviews: M. Reverend Olivia Robertson

© 2008 Steve Andrews


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