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How Does a Single Mom Find Mr. Right?

Updated on August 12, 2013

Searching for Your Prince in a Pond Full of Toads

Every female at some point in her life desires the fairytale relationship. For a single mom, she may have been in a relationship that failed. This makes it tougher to be trusting and open to new relationships. Yet the desire for love, passion and companionship still burns. I do believe there is a fairytale Prince out there but the fact is that you may have to kiss a lot of toads to find him. There's no time rule on when he will show up. I'm still searching for my Prince. I think has has gotten lost in the castle while playing with the other princesses. My journey to find my Prince has been very educational and entertaining.

The Eye Candy Man

Let's go ahead and admit it Ladies. We single moms have grown up needs. As I've stated many times, our limited free time makes it difficult to take care of those grown up needs. Often times we see the extremely handsome prey. Just the same as men yet less willing to admit it, we see what we want and decide to go after it. We don't take the time to find out about his personality, family, career or anything other than how quickly we can get undressed. Let me enlighten you and save yourself some time and energy. my experience with Mr. Eye Candy left me very unsatisfied and actually a little bored. If it looks that good, there's a good chance that he knows it and will be much more into self satisfaction. That selfishness doesn't sit well with the single mom.

The Photogenic Member Man

In this day of modern communication, you will find that many men love to play show and tell. Yes ladies, this is not just an elementary school game. You will find these guys love to photograph their private part. I really don't understand what they hope to gain from this. I assume they expect a picture in return. Don't do it. I don't know about you but I have girlfriends that I share just about everything with including my picture texts. At one time I even thought of making a coffee table book of "peni". I prefer that term over the plural term, penises. It just sounds more fun.

The Redneck Man

With all due respect to rednecks across the nation, I'm not criticizing your life, manhood, or dialect. I personally adore most rednecks. The rednecks I've known have been great fun. I have one come to mind. He has taught me all about mud riding, four wheeling, and bow fishing. He is handsome and very respectful of me. I must prepare you however, if you expect a soft romantic bedroom voice, its not going to happen with him. My favorite bedroom line come from him when he said in his sweet redneck voice, "You ought me ta hit it from behind?".

The Player

Beware of this one, ladies. He is by far the best at everything. He is usually fair to good looking But extremely charming. He knows exactly what you need to hear. It's nearly impossible to resist him. You may even fall in love with him. Just understand that while he says what you want that doesn't mean he means it. He is saying the same thing to others. He often uses pet names such as, baby. He will rarely call you by your name. I believe this is to keep from saying the wrong name. This one is a lot of fun but you need to be able to play him before he plays you and be sure to guard your heart.

The Sweet Guy

This guy is the one that would do anything for you. He's a perfect gentleman. He asks where you want to go and what you want to do. Perfect, it sounds? No, it's not. Trust me on this. You will get bored with Him. You will want someone that can make a decision. But don't feel bad for this guy. He will change. After you have destroyed his feelings he will become just as jaded as you. He will then be the perfect man for someone else.

I could go on and on but I may overwhelm you. These are the main types of men you will find. I'm not really sure what it is I'm looking for. I've actually stumbled across a couple that I really enjoyed but went on to discover that they belonged to someone else. So far the phrase, the best ones are taken, has shown to true to me. So while you're waiting for the right guy, just enjoy spending time with the wrong ones.


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