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Why Do We Fall in Love ?

Updated on July 10, 2017

Romantic Emotions

Men and women are naturally attracted to each other by virtue of being opposites with regard to gender. Science proves that unlike poles attract while like poles repel. No wonder we gaze at the opposite sex in awe. Could it be attributed to the fact that during creation, man was put to sleep when the wife was being formed, and that he has never understood this woman despite the best of his attempts? You should understand his surprise when he found another human being who seemed slightly different from him.

Man has spent many years trying to understand the woman and vice versa. Listening to both sexes, you hear why girls love pink while boys love blue. It is such a world of contrasts. When we refuse to understand each other, men are blamed for behaving as though they come from Jupiter while women come from Mars. And yet we strive to live together.

Why are we so attracted to each other? What conjures up those romantic thoughts towards each other?

Thoughts of Love

Love is that romantic feeling in my heart when I think about you. The first time I saw you, I knew it was love. Your image never left my mind. It kept hovering in the depths of my mind all day long. Everything I did was coloured with thoughts about you. So occupying, so overwhelming, so irresistible, so real was your presence in my life, that your absence became a bother to me. The desire, the urge, the longing to see you never left me. Appetite for food left the moment I saw you, such that, whatever I tasted or drunk became bland and insipid. My mind was full of you. I realized that your presence makes me discern flavours of life. All that was unsalted became seasoned, appetizing and highly palatable. Ohhhh, how inelegant life can be without you. Ohhhh, how sleepless my nights are with these thoughts of love when Cupid's arrow strikes?

A Search for Love

All my serious thoughts are clouded by visual images of you, until the urge for you becomes painful in my heart. How much agony, the heart must go through when longing for another’s heart? And yet you have only been away for a few hours. Is it possible that I cannot do without you? I ponder over this and wonder. Are they undergoing similar throes? Or is the suffering one-sided? Questions surface in your mind. Why do they make you suffer so? Is it in my imaginations? Are they worth loving this much?

What was it, that our creator put inside a man or a woman, that makes lovers to suffer so much for each other? I have spent many a day wondering about this setup until I at times wished we were created singular like angels with no attachments to each other, for the pains it causes. No bonds would exist between us. No attachment to each other would lead to the emotional anguish I feel in my heart for my sweetheart that makes me suffer such great pain, not to mention extreme distress in both body and mind, as to make me miserable. Why should desire for the opposite sex be so intense as to cause an ache that can only be satisfied them? When in your presence, there seems to be partial satisfaction. Your absence produces deep desire to see, touch and feel you. It seems almost ridiculous to me that the sweet smelling scent you put on that very first day still lingers in the air around me months later. Unanswered questions crowd my mind. What is it about you that I love the most? Is it the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the hair, the cheeks, the smile, the sound of your voice, the gait, the shape of your body or other significant traits? Is it true that love is sown in the heart of every man and woman to enable them to love and cherish each other? And yet it remains a fact that we are bound together as if we were meant for each other. Why are we tied to each other? I ask myself.

YouTube video on the song - How Do You Fall in Love

Love around Us

I can’t stop marveling when I casually look around me

There goes a pair of birds flapping around while feeding each other

It dawns upon me that even animals yearn for company from the opposite gender

I realize that the miracle of life can only come to pass when two love birds come together

Man is not divorced from this aspect of life

No wonder it is written “Behold, man has become a creator like us”

Life itself seems to be covered with love

There seems to be a lot of love around us

Man seems to experience this the most because we are fearfully and wonderfully made

Look at a rose. The colourful fluffy petals and scent from this creation suggests love. Various shades of flowers epitomize various shades of love itself. Our environment speaks volumes in content. Is it strange that the earth is the only planet that contains male and female beings?

A satellite view of blue planet earth covered with a thick cushion of oxygen, with the force of gravity holding the inhabitants dearly onto the surface of the orb, preventing their spillage via centrifugal forces into uninhabitable outer space, is a mark of love that we dare not take for granted. With this perspective in mind, I realize a human being is the most important thing on the earth’s surface. The word was not just spoken like was done for other creatures. He was moulded from clay. The woman on the other hand was not moulded from clay, but rather from man’s flesh. No wonder ladies are truly beautiful while gents are seriously handsome.

We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made. Can we afford to stay apart from each other? What could Love be?


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