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TSIP- Drastic Improvements (Week 2)

Updated on September 14, 2014

Before Advancing:

If you're reading this and truthfully, successfully did week 1.. Be proud of yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back, because you have made a BASE and an enormous chunk to being able to converse and meet new people. If you didn't do it quite right or with enough effort, go back and complete week 1 before going on to week 2. That goes the same for any "NEW" person who is just reading this, read and complete week 1 before going on to week 2.

-The Social Improvement Program (Week 1)

Extra Tips

  • Write additional goals of what you want in life
  • Visualize good scenarios in your mind
  • Look in the mirror and look at everything you love about yourself
  • Make others feel good in conversation
  • Compliment them in a confident matter
  • Tease them in a fun way
  • Have fun in your conversation let loose!

What This Is Doing And Instructions

While doing week 1, you may have noticed it was very simple and even had fun with it. That 1st and second time approaching is always a nervous thing, but after you get through that it really gets fun! Especially when it is as simple as this.

Why I wanted to do it simple, is because it is the most easy and EFFECTIVE way of building your communication skills. Some may disagree, but with personal experience it is without a doubt the easiest way in my eyes. If you have made 5 daily approaches for 7 days, that is amazing and the effects of approaching and being friendly with conversing are taking effect. You may already be a new man/women. What this is doing is ingraining your skill of approaching people, and taking tad baby steps to improving your conversation skills, adding the perfect piece-amount of what you need to get to the next level. Now lets get on to week 2.

Week 2:

If you have your inspirational note, keep it, add more to it, and read it everyday going along this.

For the first 3 days you are are going to approach the opposite sex, preferably someone who is alone. With your first week of training, this should be no problem. I want you to approach, say hi (turn slightly to the side as if you were standing with him/her) do you know where (It can be anything) the nearest dollar store is? I have been looking for it and can't find it. He/She will respond, or even say which one depending on what you are asking, be prepared to answer that. Once they answer, say with a SMILE on your face, I'm just kidding, I wanted to meet you, what's your name? And shake their hand. That is all you need to do, if you can keep it further, great! But this is all I want you to worry about, so don't sweat it. Once they answer, say yeah (look at your watch or use body-language) but I really need to go, nice meeting you. And leave. If you can keep it further great! That is your choice and have fun :)

Girls, if you are participating in this, I know it isn't natural for a girl to approach a man, so think of this as fun! Haha, do it anyway and it will add humor and confidence upon yourself.

Day 4 til the rest of the week, you are going to approach groups of people, 2 or more. (Practice in your mind or out-loud in person if you can, and say HI Guys! With as much enthusiasm as you can before going out). "Hi guys"! Do you know where the nearest coffee shop is? They will respond. Great. Slightly walk away, hey how do you all know each-other? (*Listen). Awesome, well thank you for the directions, what were your names? As they answer, put your hand out to give a firm shake, ok, good meeting you and thank you, then walk off.

Note: Adding in every piece here is necessary to start building, but if you're not ready to add in 2 parts, simply end it after asking how they know each-other and thank them.

So obviously 5 people a day is a little high for this week, so we are going to make it your goal to approach minimum 2 people a day this week.

Those are your tasks for this week, WOO! I'm so excited for you guys. It would be fun myself to go through all this again. After you have completed your tasks, write them down to show the building of your progress, this is also going to do something.

Ok gents, the work is up to you's. Get out there and apply!

Stay tuned for next week things are going to pick up even further! But for now forget what I just said and get excited about this week! All the best.

-TSIP - Easing Down And Rising Up (Week 3)

Credit: This is basically my version of Neil Strauss's Rules Of The Game Book. He deserves full credit for laying down the foundation and base of this article.

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Extra Notes For Future

If you are serious about this program and want to improve your overall self-being and want to feel GREAT accomplishment, I recommend documenting your journey, because in the end of all of this, you can look back, months, years later, and see the overall change you have made since starting where you were. Although this isn't a huge course, it is an improvement guide that will make dramatic changes in your life.

  • Write down your thoughts, how you think things went, how they could go better.
  • Write down how you feel in the moment of your interaction.
  • Write how you perceive yourself right now.

You can write a world of things, there is no limit. Write whatever you want to write about. Write massive detail, write low-detail, whatever you feel you want to.

Remember, document it. In the end you will be glad you did.

Edit/Add inspirational Note
Approach op sex
Stay motivated
Practice "Hi guys"
Do steps listed at top
Approach groups
Get out there and do it
Don't jump ahead if no need
Minimum 2 people a day

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