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TSIP- Easing Down And Rising Up (Week 3)

Updated on September 14, 2014

Catch Up

If you are reading this right now and successfully completed weeks 1 and 2. Congratulations, you have made your base and now you have went through a very hard week which in some shy peoples' eyes, must have been dreadful, and awesome! That you did it. I am assuming probably only 1-5% of readers are doing this program with full effort and are actually devoting themselves to improving their lives. This is good, I am VERY proud of everyone who is participating in this honestly, because you truly are a winner right now, and the ones who partake, are the ones who will get ahead, so congrats and now let's get on to week 3.

Note: If you are a new reader or have not completed the following weeks with full effort, go back and complete before moving on to this.

Week 1:

Week 2:


Relaxing Break:

These past 2 weeks have been pure devotion and skill-building, so it's time to take a little break. For the first 3 days you are going to sit back, relax, do what you do and let your mind rejuvenate, it's not good to go hard-at things because it will become draining. On day 4 you are gonna be refreshed, new, and excited! To get back to working again.

Day 4: On this day til the rest of the week, things are going to pick up yet again. Get your notepads out, cause you're going to want to write this down.

So far you have approached with a simple hi, and some may have even carried it on more before that, this is good, you're ahead of the game. On the second week, I gave you key-points which is basically the ice-breaker to getting into the conversation. By doing those previous weeks, you now have the skills to approach and stay in a conversation, the next step is to continue it.


You are going to approach 3 random strangers a day, man or woman. You are going to use the same material learnt from previous weeks. As you have broken through and made it through to the comfort barrier, it is your job to carry on the conversation til they feel consensual and then you can carry on.

You have approached, you gave your reason for talking to them, and now you acknowledged that you really wanted to meet them. Now, what you are going to do here is give a short story about yourself, this is conveying yourself to give them an idea of yourself to get them intrigued. I want you to think of 2 of the most interesting stories you have about your life and write them down. Now word them into a short story you will be comfortable saying outloud, I will give you an example.

(After I shake hands)

Yeah I just recently got back to this city, I have a lot of memories I missed it.

(Here you can wait for a response, see what they say or continue to talk, whatever feels right)

Note: If you decide to wait and they have no eye contact or respond with Ooh.. or any signs of disinterest, it's ok, this is better because you will have a challenge and learn more on what to say. But if they're still hesitant after a few more questions and they walk away, it's ok, just move on, there's plenty of other people :)

Me and my friends had a crazy night one time, went out after the bars, I clearly told him I should not drink and drive. Unfortunately I did (laughs) let's just say it was a crazy night.

You see, right here is a short exciting story and it intrigues whoever is listening, sometimes even if they seem uninterested they are still intrigued in the back of their minds.

So your job here is to make a short story you are able to say outloud and practice it a few times, either in your mind, or outloud in your house if you can. Practice it till you get it right.

Note: Do not worry about getting every word exactly how you planned it. This is cluttering and probably will make you mess up. Sometimes it's good to see the shock of trusting in your practice that you have done.

If you do happen to stutter, continue, this is good. Even if you look like a fool you have to get better somehow, people will even understand or just think of this as a natural pauser..

Once you have conveyed your story, believe me, this is a sense of relief and I have basically taken you as far as I can go and the work will mostly be up to you. So if you can accomplish conveying your story, you are gold! Once you have conveyed your story, act spontaneous. Whatever comes to mind, keep the conversation flowing as long as you can.

Tune in for the final week of TSIG next week! Follow me if you haven't and spread the word to others who may have poor communication skills and need this, all the best to you gents :).

Credit: This is basically my version of Neil Strauss's Rules Of The Game Book. He deserves full credit for laying down the foundation and base of this article.

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