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The 12 Steps of Pain: Amazing Poems and Poetry of Love and Hope: About The Pain of Falling In Love

Updated on January 27, 2013

The 12 Steps of Pain.

‘The 12 Steps of Pain’: Amazing Poems and Poetry of Love and Hope: A Life Circle: About The Pain of Falling In Love; by Pearldiver, explains the amazing degrees of pain that some suffer, as a result of refusing to accept love into their lives. Love is a very persistent animal that stalks all of us at some point in our lives, usually attacking us when we are most vulnerable and carrying us off to the most amazing places…. Unless we fight back and make sure that our defenses are such, that nothing as life changing as love catches us off guard.

It’s pretty tough out there; today it seems some still carry clubs; it’s really unfair because love always sneaks up on you and before you have a chance to run away again; you are clubbed, wined and dined and totally enjoying yourself! So how can you stay single, grumpy, unhappy, safe from potential lovers, completely boring and still get all the benefits of being carried off to those amazing places?

According to the 12 Steps of Pain process, it is genuinely impossible! So, give up, stop being a wuss and you will find that a little pain can go along way! It seems that it is also extremely important to remember that if you don’t give up completely and wish to try to hold onto say, 80% of your unhappiness or grumpiness, then the 12 Steps of Pain Universal Laws will automatically kick in and dictate that you suffer a greater fate!

What this generally means, is that you are very likely to fall completely in love with someone who is way more unhappy or grumpier than you are! Of course while that may not be great news for you…. It is off course great news for the rest of us free and wild single escapees, who may genuinely be dodging those grumpy ones themselves! Phew, thanks for your personal sacrifice, may you have everything that we have avoided! So best advice for you in considering the 12 Steps of Pain process must be this: Be careful out there, if you start feeling pain unexpectedly, then chances are your days and nights alone are numbered and coming quickly to an end. Good Luck and never forget that the pains of love are completely what you make them…. Please Enjoy: ‘The 12 Steps of Pain’ by Pearldiver.

© Copyright 2013 Pearldiver nzpol with all rights reserved.

Are you happy now?
Are you happy now?

How well we really mask love.

The 12 Steps of Pain.

* The 12 Steps of Pain.*

♥ Step 1 ♥

Are you now happy?

Now that I am in such pain


You would have me endure it


♥ Step 2 ♥

How have you

So small in stature

So large of life

Inflicted such pain

On such a trusting lover

♥ Step 3 ♥

Without warning

No reason given

No clues or sign

No chance to avoid being

Pierced by this pain

♥ Step 4 ♥

Oh you may well smile

And shamelessly deny

But this pain

Was surely created

By you

♥ Step 5 ♥

This pain

Given of your soul

Via those eyes

Used to penetrate

My hardened shell

♥ Step 6 ♥

A pain of throbbing loss

Like the intense pain

Felt by the secreted oyster

Her hidden days over

And innocent pearl ravaged

♥ Step 7 ♥

So, are you happy now?

Now that I am in such love


You would have me endure it


♥ Step 8 ♥

How have you

So magically

So easily, accurately

Cast such dependence

On your hypnotic chains

♥ Step 9 ♥

You awaken me again

From my slumber

With gentle spider steps

Across closed eyelashes

To my lips open, in such pain

♥ Step 10 ♥

Hot breath sighs

Across my lobe

My neck, my heart

Oh joyous pain

So cruelly she moves away

Teasingly flicking that mane

♥ Step 11 ♥


Now you are ready for me

She tells me, as I reach

The end

Of my solitary independent life

Ravaged by this pain

♥ Step 12 ♥

Trapped in my defiant knowledge

That her very spell

Has chosen me, to be

In this agonizing pain

And the ecstasy of

Being inescapably..... in love again...


© Copyright 2010 - 2013 Pearldiver Poetry with all rights reserved.

Remember: You Fight It - You Get The Grumpy Ones!!!

Thank you for supporting these sponsors.
Thank you for supporting these sponsors.

Remember: Sometimes Falling In Love Has Been A Pain For Your Partner To Deal With As Well... Be Nice - Stay in Love!

Below are a collection of other works written by Pearldiver.
Below are a collection of other works written by Pearldiver.

Thanks for reading 'The 12 Steps of Pain'.. a poem by Pearldiver.

Are You Happy, Now that I am Caught in this Pain?
Are You Happy, Now that I am Caught in this Pain?

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