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Marriage is a cradle of thorns(to some) but it does have some benefits.

Updated on November 8, 2012

There are different reasons as to why two people come together and get married. For some it might be sincere reasons that is love, for others it migt be for their own personal benefits. A wedding is only for a day but marriage is a lifetime journey with someone you chose and vowed to love till death do you part.

Marriage is a long process of finding each other and getting to love and learn your partner day by day. But it all depends on what motives a person has when getting married. But all in all, whether for the right reasons or wrong reasons, marriage has unending benefits that can and are to be enjoyed all regardless of their race, title, age, education and even personality.

Some of the main benefits that are associated with being a married person include social benefits, legal benefits, emotional benefits, health benefits, federal benefits and economic :

1. Conjugal rights. Conjugal rights mean sexual satisfaction. This is made sweeter by the fact that this right is included in the Bible and in the laws of almost every nation. This top fact is benefited by both married man and woman. There is freedom in having and enjoying sex without having to feel guilt or being branded a fornicator or adulterer. When I got married, a big sense of relief swept me, the feeling that I could now have sex without feeling guilty afterwards was great.

2. Procreation. Marriage forms a solid and secure base for having children and bringing them up. It is every person’s desire to have kids and there is no better place to have kids than in the in the blessed institution called marriage.

3. Companionship. Atone stage or another whether one likes it or not, she/he will need a companionto share the ups and downs of life with. Life can make you feel extremely lonely at times. Though you have kids, they will never be your life companions since they will grow up and leave the house to go lead their own lives and you will be left alone and feeling deserted. Now that is not a pretty picture. Being married to someone guarantees you a long life with your spouse as your lifetime companion ( in cases where there is no divorce). Your husband/wife will be there to share in your tears and joys, talk with you, walk with you, do silly things together and you will never get to experience the empty feeling of loneliness.

4. Security. Security in marriage is in terms of physical, psychological and even financial security. In the case where someone gets married to a rich individual, she/ he will get the financial security that was not present before. A woman gets physical security when married and living with her spouse, she will get to dampen down her fears of being mugged or even physically assaulted since her man will be there to protect her.

5. Self esteem. For some people, the self esteem is boosted after getting married. One’s confidence in himself or herself is increased when getting hitched to someone they love.

6. Support. Marriage is a good place to get emotional, moral and financial support. It is a married person’s responsibility to support his/ her spouse in whatever way possible be it financial, morally and even emotionally by being there for the spouse and motivating and encouraging him/her in everything.

7. Love. Love is patient. Love takes time to grow at times. For those who get married for the wrong reasons and there is lack of love in your marriage, be strong and be patient. By staying together as a married couple, love tends to grow slowly but gradually. For those who got married out of love, that’s amazing, as nothing equals the joy of enjoying married life with your spouse.

8. Organized home and life. This benefits applies to many men, their lives get more organized after acquiring a wife. A wife, who cooks, sews, polishes shoes, does laundry, hosts dinners, makes errands and other chores makes her husband’s life easier and in a huge way organizes his life. Though some duties are not really enticing to women such as cleaning after the husband (if the husband is alcoholic), picking up dirty socks everywhere, and other petty work that men enjoying putting their women through.

Despite the reasons that got you into getting married, it is very important to work on your marriage for it to be a healthy and happy marriage. To maximize and fully enjoy the benefits of marriage, the man should know how to satisfy a woman and keep her happy and the woman should also learn how to keep her man happy and content.


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