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The Master Pick Up Artist

Updated on October 5, 2015
The Master PickUp Artist
The Master PickUp Artist | Source

Major PICK UP ARTIST, "Mystery"

"Style" Who Wrote "The Game" Neil Straus

Pick Up Arist On Video in Action

The Master Pick Up Artist

TheMaster pick up artist has me laughing, this is a subject that I have been implementing a study of this art called being a pick up artist and did it work, Yes.There is a lot of differences between men and women , no joke, in reality though men, when engaged in conversation with men will jump on stories when they are talking to themselves ,like in a bar or just in thier garage while working on a car or any kind of male bonding. What do I mean about this I wil talk about in the next paragraphs, now women on the other hand when engaged in conversation will stick with the one topic they are discussing and get emotionally involved with the subject, that is why when men and women meet and the man goes way off topic with his female companion then this is typical of the normal guy syndrome. If you are a pick up artist you know not to do these things. I do not proclaim I know all, when it comes to being a pick up artist, yet what I studied and read and listen to for days to months on end were true, well to an extent. I will discuss a few of these things a pick up artist says to do and what I have found in my own pursuit of the women I find attractive and want to be with.

I am in my forties and I don't seem to look it or act it, I do not drink ,smoke, and I believe in God, so I cannot become a true pick up artist because of some of the beliefs that a pick up artist do to achieve their goals. Good start what is the goal of a pick up artist, well mine was to be comfortable with a women , not caring what age she was,and I still feel this way, but looking for just a lunch date and maybe a friend with benefit's. I have not dated since a divorce in 1982 ,so it has been a while for me to integrate or socialize with women.

I heard of the book ,"The Game" by Neil Strauss I think his name is, or ,"Style" is what he goes by, as you will see in this video , "Mystery" is one of the hottest pick up artist on the list even in present day today. These fellows are not rude drunks, that go out looking to harm anyone, they do look for sex,and that's what we all want at some point in our lives, yet for me , that was not my goal in this pick up artist thing, yet it did rear its head when I practiced being a pick up artist, which for me, is being natural and yourself. There are so many men whom are not themselves as there are women the same way. So we have two groups of sexes here, and I am not touching the gay part because I do not grasp it in this article, nor am I for or against gay people.

Women want a few things out of life that men are completely ignorant about, the women I read about and met all wanted the same thing, the trashy novel that sits by most women's bed at night about the mysterious man that rescues the princess from this harmful creature, man. Yet this madn that rescues her has to have a little bit of bad boy in him to keep her guessing. Just like Tom Cruise, most women think he is one special man, and I am sure he is, and if you watch how he walks and hold himself and speaks, he is the pick up artist that has to not try to be, he is good yet has a bad boy ego inside him as most men should. He has an ego that he deserved from all the millions and fame he has brought to screen,and why do women want him. I think I just answered the question, in the previous lines of words, he is good looking and will protect his women no matter what and he is outwardly good. He is the Casanova for most fantasies for women I believe. Women want a nice guy , but not too nice, they want you to be honest yet if it hurts not that honest, they want to be made over yet if you tease a women and keep her guessing you have a fine line of what's next. What is he going to do to me next, mystery is the word, women like mystery and emotion. I think it's cool how women and men are so different, and how these guru's think can be positive to a man's business and not only to his relationships with women.

Men on the other hand, why would they need to spend ten thousand dollars to see the guy in this video above, a guy named,"mystery", because he is different and as per the book ,"The Game" he is the main character that changes everyone in this book, he is different in how he looks, which is tall and lanky, and wears outrageous hats for attention, and it works, it works for him and it will work for any guy that gets over the initial scare. This is why men pay for this service, the initial come on line , not sex really , even though maybe that's the kill ,there is a freak word for this pick up artist line and I am not up to date on inner game and alpha male, etc..I just read and learned from it. He is just himself, and he listens to females and shows them tricks, gets their attention and keeps it, until he is in bead or has her number.

Ok Christopher, what happened to you and what makes you so knowledgeable about all this, I can say this I studies Psychology for a long time, and I always treated women with the utmost sophistication and still do, what all this reading and knowledge I didn't know was how to really listen to a women, and learn how to tease, and did it work, yes I went out with two 20 something girls, and had a good time, after meeting them online and making them bit upset by teasing them and then I was in bed with one of them and no nothing happened, because I did not want to use this women, I could not believe myself, I had not had sex in years,and I turned it down,and she was 20 years younger, maybe that was part of it. I just wanted to see if I could do it, then my game was over, so what. I actually said that, now what, you have sex, she will be gone, and the game starts back up again, no it really has not, I had my fun and achieved what I wanted, I got dates with younger women and they were ready to sleep with me, because I was honest and listen to thier issues,and paid attention to them. I teased them , and almost went to far, yet pulled back the line and drew them in closer. This dating thing is a game, I love the ads from men and women, no games wanted , no baggage needed,well we all have game and we all have baggage,so be more specific. One word for men out there in meeting so many women from the online world, women do not really wnat to see your penis in a picture, so if you think your going somewhere with that, your very wrong,and possibly a litttle sick in the head.

Respect a women, don't think your a Master pick up artist unless you are, then she will catch on and you will have gotten what you wanted yet there in lies the question. What is it you want ? A guy has to ask himself, do you just want sex and stay lonely the rest of your life, or do you want to treat one lady as a pick up artist , in the ways they teach which most have respect for women, and it's not just a sex game, it's a life game when two people meet. Men have to control themselves ,not control the one they are with, well a little bit of control with a women is a turn on in certain scenarios, Myself , I have decided to stay single because I work all the time and I am not ready to have a female into my life at this point in time, not that I am always open, I am just not really looking. I still feel that day will come and I will know when, and she and I will live till death do us apart. No pick up artist game needed.

I hope you enjoyed this and it made a bit of sense, I like to write and experience things I have not experienced, I am always open for friends,whether it be girl friends or guys, but at my age I still prefer beauty over listening to some guy moan and groan about his wife or visa versa. I wish the best for all people that live on this earth that God gave us, let's pray we get to live here a little bit longer.

Christopher Hyer 2.16.2011

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    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 7 years ago from Midland, Texas

      Thanks thats "Mystery" the guy from the novel,"The Game" he is something else, I think he has it all together for his business. lol

    • Edwin Chan profile image

      Edwin Chan 7 years ago from New Zealand

      haha this is a great hub. The video is hilarious.