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To Forgive Or Not To Forgive? That IS The Question...Part 2

Updated on June 5, 2012

Continuing On...

Before I get started on the second part on my journey to forgiveness, please take a look at my previous article To Forgive or Not To Forgive Part 1 so you guys can understand the whole story. You read the first article? Okay let us begin with the football guy's actions and all the stuff he has done after he "apologized". Well, he was sending me mixed messages of his "feelings" towards me and when I confronted him, he insisted that we were just friends. Not the one at the time to start an argument, I did not say anything else. However, I did say that he should not play that game with me and that once someone betrayed me like that, there is no chance in hell that I would consider having a relationship with him. But that is not all he did.

One day on Facebook, the guy and I started to talk about other people we were seeing or were interested in seeing. I did not tell him too much about my love life (for the simple fact that the trust is kind of dunzo). All I mentioned was that I was seeing another guy at my school. He mentioned that he was interested in the friend that he flirted with in front of my face. He said that he liked her "because she has swag". WHAT! Was that part of the reason why we had a falling out? At that point I've had it and realized that he was not genuine in his apology. He simply wanted to be manipulative and to get back at me so he can get a reaction. I cursed him out (I know, finally). He started to turn the situation around like I was the crazy one (classic manipulator) and implied that I was jealous. I was not jealous at all. I did not care at that point that he was seeing other people. It was the the fact that he could stoop that low and go out with people that I knew. And also the fact that it was part of the reason why we had a falling out in the first place: his blatant disrespect. So I told him about it and he apologized yet again and claimed he understood how I felt. I told him at this point that I did not want to associate with him any further. He still said that I can tell him everything and he will always be there. Whatever. I immediately deleted him as a friend on Facebook.

I knew at that point I could never associate with someone who brings so much negative energy in my life. He added me as a friend again a few months later and I declined his request. Then he called me almost daily and leave crazy messages on my phone like nothing happened. He would say he has gifts for me and he thought I would like them. He also claimed that he wanted us to "remain friends". What? After I avoided your phone calls and friend requests on Facebook and Myspace (back then, it was relevant but slowly dying a painful death). Then I heard from other friends that he told them that he wanted me back. What? After all that game he pulled and how he tried to get with my friend and was not successful, now you want me back? Over my dead body I would never allow him back in my life. I would not take him back if he was the last guy on Earth. I will rather be alone and happy than deal with him and his drama. At that point, I could not even be friends with him. With that in mind, I went to my twin-sized dorm bed peacefully, I may add and then on midnight my cell phone rang...Stay tuned later on today or tomorrow for the concluding part of To Forgive or Not To Forgive...The Conclusion. So tell me what you guys think so far and comments are strongly appreciated.


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