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Can You Find True Love Desire And Passion

Updated on October 21, 2012
True Love
True Love

Are You Finding True Love And Passion?

True Love, what is it? We all want it!

True Love- Love is taking an interest in someone and wanting to make them happy. When you love someone truly, you put this person above anything else in your life. You want to spend most of your time with this person. It is a decision you make and you want them to be in your life. You care about their well being. It is also a determination to survive. Life throws ups and downs in a relationship. True love goes through and weathers the storms that come in because the next day the sun will come out again and a new day starts. It is helping the other person when they are down and out. The other supports. The two survive together. In the relationship you will feel loved. No doubt about it because he or she will show it in different ways. Passion and attraction also go with love. You will be drawn to each other like a magnet. You will show the person you love them through your actions. Your actions and words will match.

You will not always have everything in common. This is the law of attraction. Opposites attract each other. This is very true. You do not always have to have things in common to fall in love with someone. God brings a man and a woman together to compliment each other. Your weaknesses will be his strengths. He is messy, you are the clean one. She is a shopper, you are a saver. He likes golf, she loves tennis. It does not matter. What matters is that there is a compromise. You golf with him one time and he plays tennis with you one day. You do not have to like everything together to love each other.

True love basically is a willingness and a determination to see the relationship stays alive. Most people say love and passion fades over time you have to have things in common. This can be true. You can have things in common if you just spend the time with one another. Do not let outside influences take over the relationship. This is where communication is key.

True love and arguments

You will fight and argue but there will be no violence. You may have times where you don't even want to communicate. He or she may even be on the couch! The next day comes in and you start to talk. You just need to realize you both may not always agree but it is ok to disagree. Feelings are a part of loving someone and sometimes are feelings get hurt.

You will notice that when you argue, (and all couples disagree with each other sometimes) he will never be rude to you and he will never seek to hurt you. He will not trample on your feelings - they are too precious to him. He may recognize and comment on the strengths or beauty in another woman but he will never compare you with her, because as far as he is concerned you are the best. You are the ONE.


Forgiveness in a relationship

Forgiveness is a part of loving someone. True love requires it. It cannot survive without it. There maybe be times where you feel like just giving up and the hurt feelings set in. Resentment can cause a relationship to fallout of love. Most people think divorce is the answer but saying your vows "for better or worse" will make you think twice about it. True love is not always feeling in love. You will have times in your relationship where you do not feel loved. Your spouse will also feel this way, but the good part about it is you both will feel this way at different times. Usually when the relationship is weathering a storm. Remember the sun will come out again. The best part about this is the making up and forgiving. Once you do the forgiving the make up sex is the best!

Your well being and happiness are just so important to him that it is easy to see in everything he does, and not just in romantic things. He or she willingly sacrifices what he or she wants or needs for what you want or need.

Longs to be near you, hear your voice and see you. He or she always looks out for your good and safety. They will do what they believe to be best for you and the relationship and no amount of complaining on your part will change this.

There will be demonstrations of affection from them. Every person is different in how they might show affection, but you will feel loved wanted and cared for.

Passion and attraction go with love. You will feel a deep bond and love for this person. You feel very attractive around them. The love and affection comes in. This is where the actions and words match up. The more the words the more passion and sex the relationship will receive. The less communication, the less passion the relationship will receive. The lovemaking will be intense. You will feel an unbelievable closeness with this person. Sex and communication will equal love and passion. This is the formula. Basically true love is how you treat someone in the relationship. It is also how we feel. True love is a feeling we have when we look back and reflect on it. We all need to do our make the one in your life feel special and loved.

Tony Robbins Love and Passion

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Do you think most couples still have love and Passion after many years of marriage?

Do you think most couples still have love and passion after many years of marriage?

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    • sandylongman profile image

      sandylongman 7 years ago

      Yes sometimes what we fantasize about or see in the movies can be unrealistic. True love and Passion takes work with both people to keep it going! Thanks

    • heart4theword profile image

      heart4theword 7 years ago from hub

      I feel that we as marriage partners, counterbalance the other. Keeping each other in check:) Together we do balance! Great Hub!