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Valentine Gift Ideas For The widow and the widower

Updated on December 1, 2013

Valentine gift ideas for the lonely widowed

Valentine is a time of showing love to the poor and needy, as the name goes the inventor or the mentor behind this celebration is a giver and he does not just give but he reaches out to both the poor, the lonely and the widowed amongst them. As we celebrate this season of love we all need to take a moment off and ponder over those under privilege ones what would be their fate if no one reaches out to them. Well this article is just to give us ideas on the best gift for the lonely widows and on how to reach out to them.

Valentine unique gift idea

Visitation: As for me this should be one of the best valentine gift to give to someone who is lonely and afflicted, the reason why visitation should be on a priority is that it shows the person whom your visiting that someone out there still remembers them, visiting is a kind of remembrance. Though this may sound or look so simple but its effect is a long lasting one.

Encouragement: Another valentine gift idea is encouragement, when you pay a visit don’t just visit them and go back, try as much as you can to encourage the ones you have visited, make them feel they are loved and tell them that all hope is not lost at least at this season of love there are people who she may be better than but in all life continues.

Outing: This should be upon request, take them to a place that would make them feel belonged. Treat them with love and kindness, make every moment they spent outing a memorable one which they would not forget in a hurry. There are so many places that one can have fun especially during this valentine season, just go through your local listing and pick a place you think would be suitable for the person involved.

Best gift ideas for valentine

Flower: flower represent love care and affection, you don’t only give flowers to your spouse but you can as well give it to the widows in your midst, they may not have anyone to give them those flower, so it would be thoughtful of you if you can buy them those flowers as a valentine present. There are various kinds of flower which would be unique for a valentine gift.

Set of dishes: this would make a unique valentine gift especially for the lonely widow who doesn’t have anyone to remember them during this period.

Flower vase: those china vases have colourful designs that look good and also durable to give to someone as a valentine gift.

Valentine gift ideas for the widower

Wrist watch:

Leather Belts;


I phone:

reading kindles:

gift ideas for a widow this valentine


box of chocolates:

body spray:

make-up kit


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