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Wedding Dates That Cause Problems & Cost Money!

Updated on December 14, 2015
Your wedding is NOT a Christmas party!
Your wedding is NOT a Christmas party!

When It Comes to Weddings & Money, Holidays Are BAD News!

Many brides like the idea of hosting a wedding near a holiday like Labor Day or Memorial Day, for example, because of the long weekend they offer for the festivities. Others like the romantic notion of being married on Valentine's Day, or how about at Christmastime or on New Year's Eve?... But if your wedding budget is a concern, you may want to think twice.

Holidays are premium times for catering properties, hotels, and country clubs. And they make a significant amount of their revenue around these dates. They are also busy! Do you really want to have your wedding at a property that is more concerned with their holiday business and customers than they are about your wedding? And what about the money?

Bands and DJs cost MUCH more at holiday times!
Bands and DJs cost MUCH more at holiday times!

Wedding Vendors/Venues Cost More Near Holidays!

Venues and wedding vendors up their fees around holidays because they are busy and can demand the price. If one bride refuses a premium holiday date for her wedding, they've got one waiting in the wings to take her place. The price is the price! There is no negotiation. And that's why you'll pay more for a DJ or band, florist and limo, also.

Who needs this on their wedding day?
Who needs this on their wedding day?

What About Quality and TLC?

Not only will you pay more for that holiday wedding, you'll be sacrificing quality, in my opinion, and TLC! Who wants to have a wedding at a property who's more concerned at Christmastime with the hams they're baking and the turkeys they're stuffing? Who needs to be shuffled to the sideline with an insignificant wedding? (Might be insignificant to them, but it isn't to you!)

And let's talk about flowers for those of you thinking of a wedding near Valentine's Day and/or Mother's Day, for example. Be aware that suppliers of these blooms stockpile them for weeks in anticipation of the high volume of sales. They are then purchased by floral shops, who pay double+ the normal price... And that exaggerated price, along with less-than-top-quality flowers, is passed onto you!

Follow the "three-week rule" for wedding success!
Follow the "three-week rule" for wedding success!

The Three-Week Holiday Wedding Rule...

For best results, I always advise my clients to have their wedding either three weeks preceding or three weeks following a holiday! In that way, you're giving the wedding vendors and venues time to get back to normal.

Wedding vendors and venues need to concentrate on YOU and your wedding, which is what you want and need when celebrating one of life's most important moments!


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