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Relationships--Why The Dating Sites Will Never Replace The Old Days In A Relationship.

Updated on September 2, 2012
Your Knight in shining armor promised by the e-Dating sites
Your Knight in shining armor promised by the e-Dating sites | Source

Oh the good old days... We see Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. We skip leave it to beaver, but bump into Jenny and her Major Nelson... Gee! We have the pleasure to have lived enough to share our feelings in here. You might say we are old...? Almost 50 indeed, but still loving life and what our tomorrow brings. "Chief! duck that bullet" tells me Columbo who next to Kojak watch us from our LCD screen. "Just make sure you write a good article Joseph," they say as they walk away from the TV screen. Yeah right! good friends! They left a mess on my living room!

I log in on my Hub-Page account...and see this Big Messing Zine site, and com up with this hub, after reading Cardisa's response to our hub.

A new world in front of you!
A new world in front of you! | Source

Dating sites

Since the early 90's dating sites have been in vogue, trying to replace casual and blind dating. Matching bot software made reality this very page from a science fiction episode. The potential was there. Women were not getting good responses from guys that they already knew from the nearby town. The e-Dating scenario seemed so promising and became a trusting alternative to the local bar.

Lack of time, and some unreported shyness made this alternative feasible. Social media erudite along with web designers teamed up to built these appealing sites. Single people and not so single fell for those colors and fonts.

We as designers tested those pastel blue that would turn into shaded pink at the time of signing up. A business is a business and the sites did become prosperous. We just gave up some secrets in the colors in here: Just check FaceBook or HubPages and you will agree with us.

Matching personalities that are already set is just 'contra natura'
Matching personalities that are already set is just 'contra natura' | Source

Making fit this real world into a site..?

When the idea took momentum, we all wanted to try it and some of us went for it. But let's see now. If our ancestors discovered the fire, there was always another caveman to use it as a weapon. Monsieur Guillotine invented that horrific device used for carrying out executions by decapitation, that bore his name; he never thought it would be used to behead his physical existence, back in 1793. If our honcho brains that created the Internet knew what was in the package, they would've kept the net secret for another 30 years: Viruses, breaching security and even content stealing by the site you all know... this all would've been just a nightmare from the movie "total recall."

Then what is this real world that probably did fit the"glove"?

Still searching for that better half?

See results

Just in plain English. A real world is full of crap, and if you want to add the crap of this world you will have to ask these people to join, along with us

  • Cheaters
  • Liars
  • Pedophiles
  • Cyber thieves
  • International subversive terrorists

So you might say,"No! I met my hubby on the net and I'm happily married!" I agree with you completely, but the point in here is that the risk is much higher to meet mister wrong. 2000 candidates that matched your profile, doesn't mean there is quality in that response of an army. A the beginning of our hub, we recreated the good old days with all its flair. Gone are the days of meeting a guy/girl that your older brother, or older sister knew was the best party for you. Life was much easier and quality and morals were strong.

The chances of meeting mister right on these sites are insignificant. But the web page is a business and lives off of you and your hope. The matching software was just plain ludicrous. This proven personality-based matching system has made wonders they say, but is pathetic! Ever received emails from them to let you know that the match of the day is this lady from another country... or this pal from a remote area in Alaska? Come on! We are not that fool! We all need love and that is right, but playing with our money and our heart... that is crime! I have heard of terrible stories and you would be amazed: Like, this country that wants you over there to get that blond chic, and you find out the hard way that your 'body' is needed for some secret experiment in that Country, huh?


Of the those free chatlines. Most of them are liars. their only purpose is just to cause harm. Most of them have no jobs (7 hours online) and will promise you the world. They are experts in human psychology. Ever wonder why they ask you all those questions? They want to find your vulnerability. And is sad but women go to those sites just to get some stress away from a long day at work. There is a whole world on the other side of the screen , and we hope is not a toad.

What do we suggest then? Try to stay local and get support from your family. College might help you a little more than those quick fix sites; you actually have 10 semesters to get to know a future boyfriend/ girlfriend. If you want to try the sites, check those consumer rankings, and give it a try if you want, but you are opening your door to that 'Jumanji' of a world. Good luck!

Well said Michael Buble'!!


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  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Hi Rebecca, Dating sites are not for some particular folks, you need to take advantage of its positive side. Thanks!

    @Kassiap, You will find the right person at the right moment. Thanks for enriching our hub with your words.

    @Pamela99, We are so glad your son found his better half on a dating site. He must've been on nof the lucky ones!

    @So Ardie is taken, and is alright with his relationship. We are happy for you ARDIE! Thanks for being such a good mom!

    @Good to know you met your husband online Tammy. Not all stories are succesful, but is worth the try. Unless, you found someone...on that grocery store, at the right moment.


  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Hi there Debbie,

    Some are succesful and some are juswt os messy. Thanks for your sincere answer.


    Semms that you had your share of a wide range of experiences. This seems to be close to a Russian roulette. And at times is not that healthy, when you find things out.

    @ What a moral to your story Martie. The smart could reap the most of the benefits from dsting online. We totally agree. What a experience you did have wow!


  • tammyswallow profile image

    Tammy 5 years ago from North Carolina

    When I married the first time it was to a high school sweetheart. I met my current husband online and it worked pretty well. I think online dating is great for people like me who don't drink or go to bars. It was better than meeting a creepy person at Barnes and Nobel. People do need to be very, very cautious though. Great hub. Very interesting!

  • Ardie profile image

    Sondra 5 years ago from Neverland

    I have never used an Internet dating site (thankfully - sounds like more trouble than its worth!). I married my high school sweetheart and when he and I divorced I wasnt even THINKING about another relationship (let alone looking for one online) when I met my current husband. And heaven forbid - but if anything happens and I find myself single again I like to think I will just stay happily single. However, I have heard of success stories from dating sites so it lets you know that there IS hope if you are careful and smart. Be like Martie and listen to that intuition.

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 5 years ago from United States

    Online dating seems to be so common anymore. I really like the old way, and since I am happily married it is not an issue for me. My son met his wife at a dating site and they have been happily married for 7 years. He had been divorced for about 8 years at that time. I agree it can be dangerous to meet someone online. Very interesting hub.

  • kasiapl profile image

    Kathy 5 years ago from New Jersey , USA

    Yea I was on a dating site before I read the article hehe. Yea I think now a days its a lot harder to meet someone in person, because guys don't really go up to you, and on dating sites you can see who you like and if they like you. I went to college and while, there there weren't many good looking guys there maybe because it was a small school. I met my last too bf on a dating site and now I'm single hehe so hopefully I will meet a good one :).

  • rebeccamealey profile image

    Rebecca Mealey 5 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

    I enjoyed your views. I never tried any dating sites or chat rooms. It just didn't appeal to me

  • MartieCoetser profile image

    Martie Coetser 5 years ago from South Africa

    Joseph, this is a well-written an interesting article about online dating. One might think you have personal experience. I can write quite a view hubs about this topic based on personal experience. I had 3 online relationships, but not at dating sites, and not with any intention to have them. All three started high up in the clouds where happiness reigns and eventually (within six months) ended deep down in the dumps where sadness tears hearts in shreds. (But I must add, I did enjoy the adventures.)

    Eventually, after I've realized the pure self-destruction of online dating with a man living in another country, I became a member of a local dating site. I made it clear on my profile that I am NOT available for chatting and I am NOT interested to say 'hi' to anyone who doesn't live at least one hour's drive per car away from me.

    So it was a matter of "Hi, I live in your region, where can I meet you?" And my reply, "What about Thursday 2:00pm at XYZ Coffee Shop?" And this is quite exiting... real and uncomplicated - meeting a stranger, listening to his stories, analyzing his body language, realizing he does or does not trigger any desire for a follow-up date.

    Number Four was a dancer, so one Friday night I went dancing with him. I was in awe of his dancing skills, but strange, I was not interested in discovering any other skills he might have had. My gut feeling just told me he was not what I was looking for. (I've learned to listen to my gut feelings and not to my heart with all its longings, hopes and desires, and not even to my brain/mind who will rationalize and minimize my instinctive thoughts and feelings until I become a prey of Life/Nature, which is a merciless reality in the universe.

    Last week I've met Number Eight. He happens to be my kind of man. Now I am taking my time to discover all his truths and lies. I have not yet discovered a lie, but maybe next week? Anyway, I am enjoying my journey into yet another undiscovered jungle called MAN.

    Conclusion: Dating sites are a well-needed service on the Internet. The runner of such a business can make money. It could become a disaster for foolish users; the wise and clever will reap the benefits.

  • cebutouristspot profile image

    cebutouristspot 5 years ago from Cebu

    For me internet make it easy to talk to people and at least get the ball rolling without that feeling of uncertainty. In fact I have made a lot of friends online. Sadly like everything else people abuse it and now a lot of predators have flock into this type of site with ill intend. But it still have good use if you can weed out those type of people.

  • Deborah Brooks profile image

    Deborah Brooks Langford 5 years ago from Brownsville,TX

    I met my husband when I was in high school.. we broke up so many times .. but that's life.. now we are in our 60's and it';s still crazy life.. meeting people on the net is a little unstable but I DO KNOW of some that have been successful,,


    great hub my friend

    voted up


  • Faith Reaper profile image

    Faith Reaper 5 years ago from southern USA

    Ha. (old-school for LOL) I'm so glad someone actually remembers watching those old shows. When I say some line from one of those shows to someone under 28 years old, and Duh, what, clueless for sure. At work we were putting items (legal) together in an assembly line fashion to be bound, and I made the comment to our new, sweet, beautiful co-worker, who is under 28 years of age, "Hey, this reminds me of Lucy and Ethel at the chocolate factory." Duh, what, blank stare. Kill me now, I thought. Am I prehistoric? Apparently! This is how you meet your better half - have a dad like mine, who absolutely hated the "telephone" - you know the one that was on the wall and when telemarketers called and called and called, he ripped the phone off the wall. So, my now husband of 34 years, had to actually come over to my house and speak with me in person, face-to-face, and that is how we became close and actually knew each other, or had a true relationship. Thanks for another great hub. I love young people, so don't get me wrong. They just missed out on a lot. We are all moving too fast and our quality of life is being affected. Faith Reaper