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Why do women cheat: Reasons why a woman cheats on her husband or boyfriend

Updated on April 24, 2013

Why do women cheat? Why would a wife cheat on her husband by having an extramarital affair? Why did a girlfriend cheat on her boyfriend by being unfaithful to him? Reasons for cheating are more deep rooted that lack of physical intimacy. This article looks at typical scenarios in marriages and relationships which can make a woman cheat on her man with another guy.

Flirting with another man may make a woman feel appreciated and loved.
Flirting with another man may make a woman feel appreciated and loved. | Source

1) Cheating with men who make a woman feel appreciated

A woman may cheat with a man who makes her feel more appreciated and loved than her boyfriend or husband. This could be the case when a good looking guy flirts with a woman who is married or committed. His flirty ways and the type of compliments he gives her can make her feel more appreciated and loved than her husband or boyfriend.

A situation like this can spiral out of control when a woman's marriage is plagued with complacency. She could constantly feel that her husband has lost interest in her because he stares at other women or he never appreciates the way she looks even when she dresses nicely for an event.

2) Overall and consistent unhappiness and displeasure in current relationship

Overall unhappiness and consistent displeasure in a relationship or marriage is a common reason why women and men cheat. Constant fighting, arguments, quarrels, bickering and ego clashes could be ruining a perfectly balanced relationship.

Such domestic issues can escalate into severe unhappiness which can drive a woman to cheat on her husband.

3 Lack of emotional connection with husband or boyfriend

Emotional connectivity is one of the most important things that a woman seeks in a relationship. She needs to be able to connect with her boyfriend or husband by being able to share her deepest emotions and get a response laden with feelings rather than crude logic.

A lack of emotional connectivity can be the reason why a woman cheats on her partner when another man offers her an emotional platform to vent and discuss. At such a time, it may become hard for a woman to look at the situation objectively and realize that the other man is offering a priceless emotional bond just because he has no marital responsibilities to deal with after having sex with her.

4) Lack of love in a marriage or relationship

Love is one of the most innocent and beautiful feelings. However the ugly side of this wonderful feeling is that two people can fall out of love as quickly as when they fell in love.

A girlfriend or wife's love for her partner could be diminishing as the years go by. This can be the reason why a woman cheats on her partner.

A professional working relationship can turn into a romantic relationship.
A professional working relationship can turn into a romantic relationship.

5) Extramarital affairs at workplaces

Cheating at workplace happens either due to attraction or due to malicious needs. Cheating by attraction is when people cheat on their spouses with colleagues because they find them incredibly attractive. Cheating is a result of malicious need when people cheat with their work colleagues to get undue favors.

For example, a woman who has extreme levels of ambition for her career could be cheating on her husband with her boss because she wants an undue job promotion or other workplace benefits. Workplace cheating could also be a result of extreme chemistry between her and an incredibly hot guy at work.

6) Women cheat when they developing feelings for another guy

A woman's cheating ways could be based on feelings for another guy. A new guy may have entered her life as a classmate, colleague or friend who finds a special place in her heart. She may be unable to stop thinking about how her life may have turned out if she had married him instead of husband.

These feelings can slowly grow from a harmless fondness to something so powerful and deep, that she is unable to stop from falling in love with him.

7) Women may be unfaithful when they see no future in their current relationship

Women value a foreseeable future in their relationships. Cheating may be a result of a woman not being able to see this future in her current marriage or relationship. She may be seeking the company of another partner who she sees as a long term partner.

8) Boyfriend or husband is abusive and dominating

A woman can be cheating on her partner because she is being verbally or physically abused. In a situation where the man is abusing and dominating his spouse, it can make it difficult for her to speak up.

A wife could want to get a divorce from her abusive husband but the fear of being hit or thrashed can hold her back from sharing this from him. Cheating can be her way of seeking support from another man to help her get out of the abusive relationship.

Lack of physical intimacy in a lifeless marriage could be one of the reasons why a woman cheats on her partner.
Lack of physical intimacy in a lifeless marriage could be one of the reasons why a woman cheats on her partner.

9) Lack of romance and intimacy in the relationship

A common reason why partners cheat on each other is lack of romance and physical intimacy. This could be the reason why a wife or girlfriend cheats on her husband or boyfriend. The peaking levels of romance from the dating and engagement phase can quickly fizzle out once the responsibilities of marriage, having a baby, paying a mortgage and having jobs weigh upon the life of a couple.

All these responsibilities could be heaving upon a couple's romance and sex life. A frustrated woman may see as cheating an easier way to get intimacy than to patiently try to fix the innumerable issues which can take months or even years.

10) Cheating may be transitional

A woman may cheat on her partner when her marriage or relationship is already crumbling apart. She could be viewing cheating as a bridge that she is building to go from one relationship to another, unaware that the bridge could be exposed and leave her in the middle of nowhere.

Transitional cheating is commonly the case when a girl does not know how to break up from her current boyfriend or when a wife has not made up her mind for a divorce.

11) Women may cheat while in a long distance relationship

It is difficult to make a long distance relationship work and a woman may resort to cheating to fill the void of the emotional and physical presence of her lover.

For example, a girl in a long distance relationship can cheat on her boyfriend with someone in her dorm or a wife may be cheating on her husband while he is away on an overseas assignment.

12) Her boyfriend or husband is always busy

Loneliness can be the reason why a woman cheats on her partner. This can be the case when a career oriented man is always busy and has no time for his family, wife and kids. His wife can feel neglected and the loneliness could unknowingly be spelling doom for their marriage.

An extramarital affair can be her way of filling the absence of a man in her life when she sees no end to her loneliness.

13) Cheating can be a travel fling

Novels and movies often portray the fantasy of a woman having a drunken fling with a hunky foreigner while on an all girls holiday. Such a fling may technically not be seen as cheating in the storyline because it is meaningless however in real life the repercussion of such a senseless act are devastating.

A woman's cheating may be the adaption of such a fantasy in her own life. A vacation with her girlfriends can turn nasty if she hooks up with a random guy on the beach and sees a fling as a harmless way to let off some steam.

Note: This post is not gender biased and discusses some of the commonly known reasons why women cheat. Men and women are both prone to cheating and extramarital affairs.


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    • profile image

      mikeq107 4 years ago

      Great pretty much hit the nail on the head :0)

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Most women cheat for many reasons as you have stated here, I found this hub to interesting and useful thanks for sharing this title.