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Women: 3 Things to do Before a Date

Updated on September 5, 2013

You’ve been too worried about your hair and clothing to even consider these three small things to do before a date like making sure you have sexy nails or pearly whites.

But don’t worry, when Mr. Hottie asks you out on your next date, you will totally be ready!

Pro Tip: This looks classy and sexy.


Pro Tip: This is neither class nor sexy.

It's just ridiculous.
It's just ridiculous. | Source

1. Sexy Nails are a Must!

Believe it or not, men notice nails. Most men like a girly-girl and when they see that you do your nails, it’s a turn on.

So, before your date, you’ll need some sexy nails! From French manicures to nail art, there are many sexy possibilities.

  • Sexy nails could consist of a simple French manicure. Elegant and simple is sexy to men. Or jazz it up with a neon French manicure.

  • Polka dot nails are sexy nails! Try something cute like a mint green base color and white polka dots.

  • Red is always the color for sexy. Red sexy nails will sure heat things up!

  • If you decide to go with artificial nails that’s fine, just nothing too long. Men do not like crazy spidery fingers.

  • The definition of sexy nails is a pink color. It screams femininity and men love it

  • Lavender is another color men love. They love flowery colors and it’s a soothing color as well.


2. Whiten Those Choppers

For a quick whitening routine, buy a whitening pen at your local drugstore.

  • Brush your teeth well before the application. Floss your teeth too.

  • Apply 30 minutes before your date arrives and rinse out.

There are even whitening pens that you don’t have to rinse off. Carry it in your purse for an emergency whitening session in the restroom.

Another way to whiten those teeth? Use bronzer on your face. You don’t even need to use a whitening solution. When your face looks darker and tanner, your teeth look whiter!

3. Quick Spray of Perfume in Optimal Areas

It’s obvious men love a woman who smells great. But, it’s been shown that foodie scents are what men really like. We know men love pizza and beer but that’s not the kind of foodie scent we are talking about.

Try something like lemon sugar, cupcake, frosting, or blueberry muffin. Where are the optimal places to spray? Neck, wrists, hair, chest and one for good luck near the… well it’s lower. The minute the bell rings, spray these areas with your foodie perfume of choice.

As soon as you open the door, he will think you have been baking. Go ahead and lie; remember from Clueless?

Whenever a boy comes over, you should always have something baking.

The Overview

Okay, so that wasn't great advice.

Don't over think it. The guy already likes you enough to go on a date with you. Just be yourself and it will work out fine.

And if it turns out you are too weird for him or vice versa, you won't have to fake your way through three more dates before he mercifully stops bothering you.

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