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A Personal Salute to My Friend Catgypsy

Updated on May 22, 2020

Cats like this are whom

my friend, catgypsy, loves and cherishes. I admire this about her.
my friend, catgypsy, loves and cherishes. I admire this about her. | Source

This is my friend, your friend

catgypsy | Source

Not that long ago, I became a member of HubPages. I will never, as long as I live, forget that day for that was “a” day that marked a turning point for me.

I was so excited to learn that HubPages was a wonderful website that anyone (who followed the guidelines) could write and publish their own stories, download photos to accompany the stories and enjoy the experience of meeting new friends, learning from other writers how that “I” could improve my writing, and in the process, make life-long friends.

HubPages was “the perfect” outlet for me to get my mind off of the physical illnesses, accelerated fibromyalgia and neurothopy that I have and just focus my energies on making HubPages an important part of my life.

I will not anyway soon forget how “green,” was in the beginning, finding my way by stumbling through the various “help,” segments that HubPages provides for its members.

At first, it was very mind-boggling. I almost gave-in to the overwhelming urge to just quit and delete my membership.

But something kept driving me onward and I stayed on HubPages.

To be honest, my first hubs sucked. Big time. I am not too prideful to face this awful truth. Although I do not read any of my first hub-efforts, I can tell you with a clear conscience that hub-writing for me, took, and still takes a lot of practice.

But this story is not just about the various personal “adventures,” I’ve had on HubPages. And there have been a lot.

This story is about a very-talented hub-writer whom I was blessed to meet in the early days of my first year in “Hubville,”

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That’s her pen name, catgypsy. I remember well the very first time I saw her name on one of my early hubs in the lower “comment” area. Seeing her name sent a wave of excitement over me.

When “catgypsy commented on a hub of mine,” I said to myself. I was in a state of awe at someone with her talent, character and caliber taking time to “just” read one of my hubs and then to leave a comment, well, needless to say I was mesmerized at this exciting turn of events.

I then started making attempts through her hubs and contact information to see if I could manage to just talk to her.

There “is” a living God. I know this because after one email, there it was, a message from none other than catgypsy herself. Talk about being “beside myself.” I was frantic. Up in the air about such a wonderful writer sending “me,” a “rank amateur” writer, a citizen of Hamilton, Alabama, another “Mayberry,” in our country, an e-mail.

When I came to myself, I responded to catgypsy’s e-mail. And thank God that I did. For that launched a wonderful friendship with one of HubPages’ finest writers and people all one time.
In the days and weeks from that first time of talking to catgypsy through e-mails and eventually talking to her by phone, I can honestly say that my life has not been the same.

Corny? Maybe. Do I care if it sounds corny? No. Because my comment is from the heart and that’s all that really matters.

To me, catgypsy is more than a talented writer for HubPages, but a sincere friend. She is constant, never changing in her gifts to be receptive to whatever problem I want to share with her and her gift to give me sound advice without being overly-complex.

I like that in a friend, because as I have stated to my followers, “I am a simple man with a simple mind with a simple mission: to make as many people on HubPages smile or laugh as I can before leaving this world,” and catgypsy has in no way, dampened my spirit for doing this through my hubs.

If anything, she has constantly-ignited my desire to keep writing hubs about my background, which “is” an adventure onto itself, but share sensitive and scary things that sometimes haunt me.

My dear friend, and your dear friend, Catgypsy always seems to know just what to say to me (and you), on the comment boxes or in e-mails she sends. I truly believe that she is endowed with a “special sense,” to know ahead of time, that I am in need of some words of encouragement or cheering-up, because when I read her comments or emails, I am sometimes both, encouraged and cheered-up.

Besides being a super-talented writer, catgypsy is also an expert on the care and feeding of cats, a true, blue “cat guru.”

It was her love for cats that prompted me to get my wonderful side kick: “Festus,” a male yellow cat who is always full of life and energy, sadly unlike his owner. But I have tried to keep up with him as best I can.

In “Festus’” kitten days, whenever I encountered a problem with how he was sleeping or how he wouldn’t eat certain foods, I had the peace of mind at knowing if I contacted catgypsy, the problem would be solved. And with a few words with catgypsy, my problems would be solved.

Many times. I often remarked to catgypsy, “why don’t you open your own pet store where you can deal with cats all of the time?”

You want to hear her remark? “oh, I guess I could do that, but “I” would get too attached to the “kitties,” and not want to sell them to a stranger.”

Now is that not the warmest-remark that you have ever read about dealing with cats, or animals in general?

Catgysy “does” have an undaunting love for cats and animals and she is proud to share her encounters she has had with them over the course of her life.

But not only cats, and other animals who need a friend, but any neighbor who needs comforting, or help in any way, catgypsy is willing to do whatever to make sure that “this” neighbor is cared-for before she rests.

I envy that trait in her because “I” am not a patient man when it comes to helping “people,” as much as I am helping animals.

Oh don’t go off on me. I “do” love my neighbors, friends and the occasional stranger who might cross my path in need of directions, money or maybe a bit of food to get them through the day.

I confess this to you. I learned, and am learning how to be a better person simply by corresponding with, and talking to my hub-friend, catgypsy.

To me, she would make a terrific counselor--solving “human”-related problems, but as she will tell you, “I love my cats with all of my heart.”

And she does.

I may not ever make a fortune writing my hubs for HubPages and allowing people to “get close to me,” but that’s fine by me.

I feel as I have already been given a “fortune” that cannot be measured. A treasure that we all seek and seldom find . . .

A “true,” “genuine,” and “real” friend to end end . . .catgypsy.

This feline beauty

would be right at home if he (or she) would come to catgypsy's doorstep.
would be right at home if he (or she) would come to catgypsy's doorstep. | Source

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