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A Woman's Charm - How to Attract Man

Updated on December 29, 2016

Charming Woman

A Charming Woman

A young woman complains that her boyfriend has found someone else and decided to leave her. His betrayal makes her life miserable. She can’t eat, sleep or work. All day long, she broods with unremitting thought: how could he do this to her?  Love is blind. When a party puts too much attention into a relationship, the relationship itself becomes unhealthy, and unbalanced.

A friend of mine has never stopped having relationships. At the tender age of 28, she has had at least 10 boyfriends. Each time, she fully devotes herself to the one she loves at the time. However, after a few months or a year, one by one they leave her. Not because she is ugly or something, as a matter of fact she used to be a model. She’s bright and compassionate, loves animals, and very hard working. When she loves she gives it all. It’s a good quality in a balanced relationship. Ironically, those men she falls for do not return her love equally. The more she gives, the more they take, until they no longer care what she’s willing to give next.

As a woman, she has many good qualities, beauty, kindness, and virtue. The one thing she lacks, in my opinion, is charm, a woman’s charm.

A charming woman knows exactly what kind of man she wants to attract, not just any man that comes to her way, willing to offer her a good time. She loves herself first and foremost, so that others learn to treat her with respect. Mystery is the best defense for a woman. Like an endless, fascinating book, she displays something new for the opposite sex to discover each day. A charming woman is a confident woman. She knows when to say no, and when to move on.

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      emily 6 years ago

      Men also have beauty.