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Grasp Happiness - A Love Story Touches Your Heart

Updated on April 20, 2015


A Love Story

He loves her. From high school to college, they are always together. His dream is to marry her one day and give her a beautiful home, a house with a big back yard and a swimming pool, where their children can laugh and play without a care in the world.

A month following their engagement, the company he works for goes bankrupt. Like many of his co-workers, he no longer has a job. He mentions nothing to her, and continues going to “work” every day, thinking very soon, he will find another job. Months quickly swing by, he is still jobless. He feels ashamed every time she brings up the subject of marriage, and hates himself for not being able to provide a beautiful home for the woman he loves.

She senses his uneasiness and tells him that she knows about his situation for some time. It doesn’t matter if he is rich or poor as long as they are together that’s all she cares. Her heartfelt words move him to tears. However, he refuses to marry her unless he’s able to stand on his own again.

Soon, he opens up a small company, and works hard day and night. She quietly brings him food and makes a fresh pot of coffee when she leaves. A couple years later, his business starts booming, yet the time they spend with each other gets less and less. He is too busy to notice her haggard face, or the person, who delivers his every meal or makes his daily coffee.

At last, he receives a big break, and can afford the things that he promises her, a steady income, a beautiful house with a huge backyard and a swimming pool. With the new house key in his pocket he runs to her home. To his surprise her mother opens the door. Her eyes are swollen. She looks weary and sad. In her hands is a black wooden box. Inside are a stack of letters and an engagement ring. With a trembling hand he opens the letter on the very top, which is dated three days before. Her familiar handwriting leaps into his eyes. It seems her hand was shaking badly when she wrote it. The final few words are scrambled together difficult to read. Tears fill his eyes as he skims thru the pages anxiously and fearfully from the beginning to the end. His heart runs cold as he holds the ring in his hand.

She’s been sick for months, yet he has no idea. All he wants is to make her happy and now he loses her forever. Kneeling before her grave, he weeps like a child. The stack of letters she wrote to him record the painful struggles she went through during the final month of her life, and words of love that she had no chance to say to him.

Sometimes, true happiness is only a grasp away. It takes a blinking of an eye to destroy everything one treasures. Hold on to the one you love and say it right out loud whenever you can. The cruelty of life is that you don’t always get a second chance.

Music of the Night - Sarah Brightman

Final Words

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    • Dreamlin profile image

      Dreamlin 6 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Thank you my friend for your generous comment.

      It is human nature to give the best of all things to the ones you love. However, sometimes, it is not the material means that are really desired. We are all emotional creatures, but we are often make a mistake thinking the best way to show love is by giving the things that money can afford. True love has no price tag. It only requires a sincere heart.

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 6 years ago

      ... well I love how you write in 'third person pronoun' - it makes this piece slightly detached and distant when you use this literary device - quite brave actually and very courageous too - your writing contains all the great hallmarks of a classic - irony, bitterness, more questions than answers -and a definite sense of the unexpected - you are a master at your craft by taking a seemingly mundane subject and turning it into something very special and unique - and quite frankly it kept the epi-man on edge - and to think about this later as I was

      driving back home to my hub - lake erie time 1:17am