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What is Sin? John 1:29 Love your self, inside & outside.

I find it hard to believe that we as morals, this morning don't realize that Love is above everything, in our daily walk on this earth. Even, if we're here temporary. Is Sin happening at your front door,screen door,back door, or closet door? WOW-Can one walk in this world without noticing a petal of fragrance apond them? Just remember that we all have Sined & fallen short of the glory of Jesus. I know I have, I also know that no matter what we do as mortal, it can be avoided. With walking early in the morning with-LOVE in our hearts for one another, we will overcome, all Sin. (Love Yourself)


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Faith is a Human Issue Because We Need It!92

Faith is a Human Issue Because We Need It!

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5 years ago
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