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Confused by a Virgo Guy

Ive been seeing this V- guy for almost a year. Frequent booty call scenarios played out ritualistically every week. I like this guy alot, so ive maintained this for a long time. Not getting too emotionally deep with him as I hear most Virgo men are scared of feelings- so I tred lightly. He is wonderfully charming to his friends( life of the party) and to strangers or aquaintances. Problem is that he keeps me seperate and is almost callus towards me. Incredible Sex!! I mean Incredible! But Can a Virgo be mean to wards the ones who really care about him? I cant understand him.

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dashingscorpio says

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7 months ago
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    ALeoGuy 7 months ago

    Is it still a booty call though if its over the 100 mark and happening regularly? I can call a spade a spade. It just seems like its something else.

    Thanks for your response btw

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