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The Small Details in Wedding Planning

Updated on December 12, 2015

Planning an inexpensive wedding

When planning a wedding, there are a number of large elements that must be planned first—the theme, the location, the ceremony, the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit—and usually the smaller things are left until last. But what really makes a wedding unique and memorable can really be the smallest of details. These add a personal touch, a dash of whimsy and charm that can instantly brightens up a sensible theme or slightly stale wedding clichés.

Some of the best ideas and best wedding themes ideas are when the bride and groom get creative themselves, foregoing a wedding planner in favour of a more D.I.Y. approach, although not the sloppy kind. These ideas are best executed by a couple with real arts and crafts skills. If you are of an arty frame of mind but do lack the skills, there are dozens of websites and stores that will help make your wedding dreams a reality. From wedding cake toppers to the bridesmaid’s dresses, everything can be customized.

Here are some ideas:

  • If it’s important for you to keep your costs low, why don’t you have simple bridesmaid’s dresses in a neutral shade and let your bridesmaid’s get creative with colourful jewellery and different hairstyles and shoes!
  • Flower arrangements and bouquets can get extremely expensive, not to mention overcomplicated and fussy. There are so many beautiful options instead of traditional flowers: origami, tissue paper, or other decoupage paper creations. If you do choose actual flowers, pick something simple yet colourful and vibrant, which will stand out ten times better than some delicate and flimsy arrangement.
  • Remember and have fun with the smallest things: for the best classy wedding cake toppers, pick something quirky and personal. In a smaller wedding, name place cards could also be personalized for each guest. Make your own guestbook for people to sign. For romantic lighting, decorate your table centrepiece with candles of all different sizes. To keep them away from flammable items and people, have them in jars and bowls. And make sure they are low enough to the table that each guest can see the person opposite them!
  • Choosing music or a band can be a drag. So a few weeks before the wedding, why not get all of your friends and guests to write a list of their favourite wedding-appropriate songs to make a fun and eclectic playlist!

The great thing about doing all this yourself is that you can have exactly what you like without having to listen to other peoples strong opinions. You have the satisfaction of saving money and still enjoying a wonderful wedding day that won't leave you $$$$s in debt.


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