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Must-Do's for Getting Back to Dating

Updated on July 7, 2013
Go back to treating yourself to some spa treatments.
Go back to treating yourself to some spa treatments.

Back on the scene….

As I began my journey waking up, stretching and greeting the day before me I managed to roll out of bed and groggily headed to the kitchen. Dragging my feet I shuffled my way to the cold kitchen floor. Out of reflex, I drew my foot back quickly and looked down toward the cushioned carpet that my chilled foot found comfort on. The sight that I saw was something that a female should never see on themselves. Hideously overgrown toenails! The thoughts even now make me shutter. How could I let this happen? Where does the time go so swiftly that I can not properly manicure my own toenails? Well the thoughts began running rampant through my mind of how a woman needs to prepare for dating again. And here before you is the hub as a result.

1) Cut your Toenails

Once you start dating again make sure to properly trim your toenails in a timely manner. Your toenails should not be touching walls and doors before you enter the room. When the time comes where he may see your feet, you don’t want to be caught off guard with overgrown toenails. You, nor any man, should want to see unkempt toenails growing this way and that. Once you've got a handle on that, touch up those now-groomed tootsies with a little polish and they are ready for show. And if you’re still getting into the swing of it all again and not up to coloring your toenails at least place a clear gloss on them until you reach that point.

2) Tame that Hair

Tame the hair on legs, pits and any where else you have let grow like a wild fern (see article on hair removal). It’s very easy to let all this go because you are the only one, so far, that has had to look at it. No man wants a jungle woman for a potential mate so make sure you touch up and trim around all the necessary “hedges.”

3) Get a Hold of Your Olfactory Senses

Now that you have trained your senses to ignore a wide variety of odors, it is now time to retrain them for more pleasing feminine scents. That three day non-showering stent you have come to enjoy has got to cease. Chances are if you allow this type of unaccepted behavior to continue he will flee before you even open the door. So daily showers are now back in effect. Splashing on a fragrance of perfume or body spray won’t hurt either. Men like their women to smell like a woman, not of just deodarant.

4) Minty Sweet Goodness

Though it is easier to allow the toothbrush to remain in its holder, it is now time to resume back with your daily regimen of teeth brushing. Nothing will make a man stay 10 feet from you more than bad breath. Don’t try masking it with a little chewing gum either. Bad breath is a fighter by nature and will overcome any amount of gum you try to use to rid it. Flossing daily and brushing your teeth again are the only answer.

5) Put Your Face On

Take baby steps. Last time you used makeup ruby red lipstick was in. Spend some time checking out magazines to see what looks are now in. But if you aren’t ready for all that just try touching up with a little colored lip gloss and mascara. And don’t forget to smile. Spending time alone can sometimes leave you with a solemn expression most of the time. Just remember to keep a pleasant look on your face. Hopefully you’ve found someone worth dating that will give you cause to smile anyway.

6) Get That Skin Supple and Smooth

As a single woman, things are so much easier and faster if you just shower, dress and be on your way. Remember the days of actually putting on lotion and wanting to feel soft? Well it’s time to revive those days. No man wants to see a dead sea of skin trailing from the dinner table when you go to powder your nose. So start back up with lotions and moisturizers to get your skin back to its glowing state. Check out my hub on mosturizers!

7) Keep Your Hands By Your Sides

Though you have become comfortable in your singledom, under no circumstances must you scratch intensely anywhere on your person. You are not alone in the privacy of your home, you are in the public eye with a date. This unconscious reflex to an unseen itch will only scare him away. You’re not interviewing for a baseball league. This is a potential mate that you could actually click with so don’t frighten him away with your boyish ways.

8) Put Everything in its Place

Spruce up the house a bit. Even if you know he’s probably not coming in, you can’t take that chance if he says he has to use the restroom. You don’t want him to see that your former single life has somehow made you incapable of cleaning. Dishes piled to the ceiling along with disheveled papers everywhere are not attractive. But be sure to proceed with caution on this. If he’s a new date, have your pepper spray ready for firing. Who asks to use someone’s bathroom on a 1st date?

I know we as women tend to get comfy and all “one with ourselves” when we’ve been out of the dating circuit but we must remember what it was like to be pretty and feminine again. You may have gone off road a little but you’re now apart of the dating highway so put your pedal to the metal and don’t cut any corners. Happy dating!

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