Love note, is it good enough?

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    Castlepalomaposted 5 years ago


    Great movie last night, the good guy won

    Always had dreams of the potential ultimate love one, then anything is possible. I set out to live in this world and make a difference in it, it stirs my heart to imagine you by my side and I beside you. Your hunger for to fine your ultimate lover with redeeming promises of our tomorrows is as strong as my own. The only difference is I have fearless courage with endless imagination that disallow me to be harmed by anyone. I’m sorry for the men in your pass that have either cheated, abused or BS you. If I’m not the man for you, then I’ll be your second hand man toward the next step toward him. And you can teach me how the have a great times, outside of work. If I’m wrong, just throw me on your lifelong scrap pile of ex lovers. Then I’ll just jump up in again, and go round and round again some where else.

    I’m not against Christians or I’m against you and never been condescending an enemy of Christianity or against any group or hated anyone since I was eight years old. Just a person with a life based on good sense, along with a very curiosity mind.

    I’m bouncing on your circle of mastering life. Bring me in and jugging it a round for a wail, if it’s not beautiful enough, then just toss it back into the Universe

    Love xxxooo