My significant other...

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    NicBaruposted 4 years ago

    Let me give you a little background.
    We've been together just shy of a year and a half. I met him when my son was 3 weeks old.
    Over the course of the past year, I have on a few occasions walked in on him masterbating...while I am in the next room. Each time we have talked about it and at the beginning it wasn't even the fact that he was looking at porn or masterbating, but the fact that he was hiding it from me or making me feel like he was choosing it over a living breathing willing partner. Hell, I even offered to watch it with him because I really am curious as to what sort of things he is into, because he refuses to open up and tell me because he is embarrassed. I get it, guys masterbate and watch porn, big deal. My problem comes to this. He lies about it, says he doesn't do it. Yet t has come to the point that, yes, I have snooped and it is almost all the history that is logged on his phone, computer and tablet. He has recently logged onto OKCupid again, which REALLY has me concerned. Both my exhusband and exboyfriend lied to me and cheated on me,which is the root of all my trust issues. I have brought the dating site thing up to him, and he promises that he has only logged on to try and cancel or delete the account because he is tired of getting the emails for them. I have talked to him many times telling him that I just want him to be honest with me because when he lies or "omits" things it bothers me and makes me feel like I can't trust him. He then tries to turn it around on me and say that unless he says what I want to hear then it is always going to be a lie. The question I have is 2 part. When is enough, enough and what can  I do to possibly salvage this relationship.

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    SomewayOuttaHereposted 4 years ago

    omg!....sounds f'd up................................................dump something about healthy relationships so you can learn something for next time.  peace...