Breaking up following misscarrriage

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    MarioD123posted 3 years ago

    My gf and wife to be broke up with me nearly 3 weeks ago. We have been together for nearly 4 months before that. Although we have not been together for long we both had instant connection and loved each other from day one. I never felt anything like this like I did for this girl and this feeling was just unique. I am certain her feelings were mutual. I had not felt moment like this with a girl that I had a relationship for 6 whole years before her. I knew and I know she loves me  because she did everything for me (even met my family) and she even introduced me to her own family. I know is a big thing for a Latin American girl to do this. We even had a date for our wedding after we would have spoken to her godfather. She told me I was her soulmate and I told her I felt the same and we would be together for forever!! We even bought our wedding rings!!
    However after Valentines Day we found that she was pregnant and we were both overjoyed with the news. We lost the baby 7.5 wks into the pregnancy. We were both devastated ad still are..Ever since that happened she would wake up crying having nightmares every single days having anxiety attacks... I was there for her throughout the time although we both live in different countries at the moment. Shes in Spain I am in UK.. However she sent me a text saying that I dont deserve her and that she will pray for me and family as well as asking me not to contact her ever again. I did not listen I vibered her I skyped her but I think she just blocked me from everything.
    Following this I have decided to let her cool down and I am just sending her a video email once a week to reassure her that I am still here and I am gonna wait for her as long at it takes.
    My questions to you guys..

    1. Do you guys think she will come back?
    2. Do you think this has happened because of the misscarriage
    3. Do I continue to contact her once a week?
    4. What else can I do?

    I dont want to be with anyone else she is the LOVE OF MY LIFE!! I am going through depression at the moment and I am taking pills but I know that without her I simply dont want to be anyone else except her FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!! I even told her this before the break up that I would stay single for the rest of my life unless shes with me.
    Even my parents had called her in Spain and tried to help us out but her family and herself just ignore us.Parents know about her feelings and my feelings. She even told parents ho much she loves me!! I believe she still loves me and wouldnt cheat because she was never that kind of girl having one night stands and she had only 2 bfs before although shes 24. She was in church and her family have very strong family values as loads of latin families do.
    Thank you

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