Random Thoughts, Love for West Coast Men

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    realtalk247posted 3 years ago

    Just rambling but giving love to all you west coast men who choose their women carefully, are the boss of their house, and are wise enough to know game and choose wisely.  Kudos to your personality, mindset, and everything that makes you the wonderful men that you are today.  Your mentality and mindset commands my full respect. 
    From your ability to analyze the women you encounter, spoiling those with something going on and reducing your attention/affection/money for the lower class women hunting for a meal ticket trying to play you. [Noting: Section 8, Real Estate - Which one would you rather date (Xhibit), and for the west coast the real estate woman wins fyi.]   I'm your biggest fan.  Refusing to fall victims of the game, choosing loyal women that are by your side rain or shine, rather than the women passed around and worn out like a 20 year old mattress with 50 previous buyers.  My respect to men who don't run lines in rotations taking on what everyone else has had for free.

    West Coast Men Rock!   
    Keeping it PG