What kind of people are in your life?

  1. Cheryl Lange profile image60
    Cheryl Langeposted 2 years ago

    Lately I have been looking around in my life to what people surround my life. Lately it hasn't been many!! Now why is that? Do you sometimes go through the cycles of people being there one minute than the next minute they are gone?

    We all have to go through changes in life. No matter what we say or do. But sometimes there are the constant people who have been in your life for many years. Those are the ones we love the most. And we should listen to their advice before we consider making a rush decision. Believe it or not? They know you better than you think, say, or do.

    Conflicts of interest are very hard lessons. It isn't easy to make a choice or an important decision if your not in the secure place to choose. I have made so
    many mistakes these past 6 months and whose fault is that. It's my own choice.

    Do yourself a favor. Talk with someone you are close to first before making that decision or choice.  You will be in a better space if you do. Take my word on that one. It's worth it.