Poem- Awake and Aware

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    realtalk247posted 3 years ago

    And you suddenly become awake and aware

    When you reach a certain age
    Of clarity
    Of maturity
    that speaks nothing of your birth -year- age
    But a wave of an edge as sharp as razor blades
    Understanding your desires and fruit of good times
    Will produce nothing divine

    You become awake

    That the filth our seek can never satisfy your soul
    The flyest man or woman does not bear gold
    The ripples and muscles of his flesh
    The coca-cola bottle and power chest
    Does not satisfy or offer comfort to your soul
    So seeking empty becomes redundant and old

    You become awake

    That evaluating through other eyes
    Through the deepness of ones souls not thighs
    Is what you discover you need
    While humbly talking to God on your knees
    Revealing your needs
    Asking him to help you to see
    To See
    To See

    Not with the desires of your eyes
    The lust of your flesh
    But experience the person that messes with your soul
    And bless
    You to experience the comfort you seek
    Coming from a divine masterpiece
    With crooked smile and scar on the cheek
    A heart that abundantly seeks
    To accept your faults and celebrate your gifts
    To compliment your short comings and exist
    In more than just your dreams

    You were blind but now you see
    With 3rd eye and soul divine
    No omitted truth or lie
    Everlast-God packs divine truth and love for you in due season and in due time

    So they ask why you smile from ear to ear
    Absent of insecurity, jealousy, emptiness, or fear
    Because he/she is here
    When asked whats so special about who you love and see
    It's all the inside that you speak
    That fuels your heart with joy beyond belief
    Making a 3 a 10 you see

    For you were blind and now you see
    Praise the Lord
    God within you matched me




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      Sed-meposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Im not sure what the hotties have to do with it, lol... but the work is great. I loved it.

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    realtalk247posted 3 years ago

    Thanks Sed-me