For the ladies

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    whytemichaelposted 7 months ago

    Why is it that ladies give themselves to guys that they fully know won't love them the way they will?

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      dashingscorpioposted 7 months agoin reply to this

      Although I'm no lady. I have been involved with many women.
      I suspect no woman truly believes the man she loves will never love her back as much until she's spent a great deal of time in the relationship.

      Some women especially younger ones may be going through a "bad boy" phase where they view love and affection that comes easily as being less valuable than that which comes with a challenge.

      You could stick such a woman in a room with five men and have four of them drop to their knees extending their heart out towards her while the 5th guy sits in a corner sipping on a cocktail acting as if she doesn't exist.
      That will be (the guy) she wants to get to know!

      He's seen as a "mystery",  a "challenge", someone she has to figure out or find a way to (earn) his attention and affection. If she learns other women desire him it simply raises his stock in her eyes. On some level she feels the need to prove to herself that she could win him over.

      When a woman is going through a "bad boy" phase any "nice guys" she meets are considered "boring" and are banished to her "friend zone". Sure she may cry on their shoulders complaining about how much of a "jerk" her "bad boy"  boyfriend is and how he mistreats her but that's her type.
      As far as she's concerned (he's exciting and unpredictable). All the challenges and the drama simply make her love him more.

      Maybe these women were not showered with love and affection by their parents so they're accustom to having to (earn) love and attention. In other instances it's about finding a thrill being with someone who is a nonconformist and lives life on his terms. She sees his arrogance and narcissistic behavior as confidence. It draws her in like a moth to a flame.

      Lastly it's her belief that in the end he will actually fall deeply in love with her and they'll live happily ever after. The wild ride will be worth it.
      She's a true believer that relationships require a lot of "hard work" and embraces the challenge. Anything less would bore her to tears.