why dont i get to see him on weekends?...NO =WEEKENDS..ON ONCE DURING THE WEEK .

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    MISTYBLUE61posted 8 years ago

    why dont i get to see him on weekends?...NO =WEEKENDS..ON ONCE DURING THE WEEK ..AND ONLY FOR LUNCH

    he tells me that i know he loves  me......when i ask...do you love me?
    but he doesnt seem to want to see me on week ends..at all.....he has called me almost everynite for 9 months....we have dinner together once a week..no sex at all involved in this relationship...we starte in the beginning...but he seemed to have a problem with getting it up.........so i never pressed it again....so we have never had sex...

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    Mocha Mommaposted 8 years ago


    That doesn't seem like a typical relationship.  Have you asked if he's involved with someone else or married?

    As for the erection issue, there could be a mental block.  If he doesn't have any health issues (ex. erectile dysfunction), then more than likely it's mental. 

    When there is a mental issue/trauma it manifests in the physical.  Have you spent any time at all at his home?  If not, there is a reason why, has he come to  your home?  If not, ask  yourself why.

    I think you already know the answers to your question, it's just a matter of whether or not you are ready to accept the answer, and commit an action to it.

    Hope this helps.