What day of the week does traffic to your hubs drop?

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  1. davidlivermore profile image93
    davidlivermoreposted 10 years ago

    What day of the week does traffic to your hubs drop?

    I watch my traffic daily, multiple times a day.  I always notice my traffic drop starting Friday, then pick back up on Monday.  I always thought it would climb over the weekend.  Is it the same for you?  Or do you see certain hubs get more traffic on the weekend, but not weekdays?

  2. jellygator profile image90
    jellygatorposted 10 years ago

    Yep, what I've noticed is about the same as you.

  3. Bedbugabscond profile image91
    Bedbugabscondposted 10 years ago

    I have the same experience as you. My traffic drops over the weekend and spikes Monday. It has been that way for the entire year I have been on Hubpages. I think people spend less time on their computers on the weekends because they are out having fun. Then Monday comes  and people are back to their routine.

  4. stricktlydating profile image83
    stricktlydatingposted 10 years ago

    My traffic stays steady across the week.  I notice only a significant change when I've write something related to a current event - then I see an increase for a few days.

  5. agilitymach profile image93
    agilitymachposted 10 years ago

    My traffic begins to creep up on Sundays, reaches it's peak on Tuesday or Wednesday and begins to fall on Thursday over the weekend.  This makes perfect sense because the people I write for start doing what I write about on Thursday nights and are busy Friday through Sunday afternoons (that's when agility trials are held).  They are home Sunday nights - Wednesday nights.  My traffic patterns make perfect sense. smile

  6. Rob Winters profile image77
    Rob Wintersposted 10 years ago

    My experience is the same yours David.Friday's traffic drops to about 50 to 60% of my early week average with a further drop across saturday and things picking back up again on sundays and improving over the next few days before the cycle repeats.I've noticed thursdays are often my best traffic days smile All hubs appear to be subject to this trend.

  7. Rock_nj profile image90
    Rock_njposted 10 years ago

    Fridays traffic drops and climbs on Sunday and Monday.  Most Hubbers report that traffic pattern.  Less people use the Internet over the weekends because they are busy doing other things.  One way to counter this is to write some Hubs about weekend activities, things to do outdoors, advice on fixing up a house, etc.

  8. eugbug profile image97
    eugbugposted 10 years ago

    My hubs are mostly about gardening, DIY, tools etc. So I notice traffic starting to build Friday night and peak on Saturday and Sunday when people are off work and have spare time. Traffic then trails off on Monday. However I have a hub which is in the top 5 in Google searches, so this keeps traffic up higher than normal all summer!

  9. gags3480 profile image59
    gags3480posted 10 years ago

    My Hubpages Traffic is always stable. Although, its very good on Tuesdays.

  10. brianrock profile image84
    brianrockposted 10 years ago

    Mine dips on the weekends and peaks on Monday. This often depends on what you write about...

    One of my best performing hubs is about teaching. So you get a lot more teachers searching for stuff to use in class during the week than on the weekends. Likewise, on my own blog, I have an article that does really well during the week and tanks on the weekends. It's an article about an error graphic designers might encounter in their software, and likewise I assume that there are a lot more designers working during the week (and thus looking for this information) than there are on the weekends.

  11. StitchTheDamned profile image68
    StitchTheDamnedposted 10 years ago

    I've seen that traffic drops during the weekend. Mondays are usually my busiest days. During the week, it is pretty steady, but it is really low on the weekends.


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