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When I met my girlfriend she didn't smoke pot, now she's a pot head. What do I

  1. zgzeh1 profile image52
    zgzeh1posted 8 years ago

    When I met my girlfriend she didn't smoke pot, now she's a pot head.  What do I do?

    She discovered pot, said it was only going to be once in a while.  Now she's a pot head.  When we were on a break, she tried just about every drug.  She was lying to me.  Then I talked to her and told her I didn't want to be her mom.  What's the best way to handle this if her lying and drug use continues?

  2. The Phil profile image57
    The Philposted 8 years ago

    Speak to her like an adult. When you do, don't speak as if you are better than her or reprimanding her. Ask her to help you to understand what is going on. Once the ice is broken, explain that you know she does not want to you or herself but you are concerned.
    Most important thing is to make it about her, not you.

  3. Dragon308 profile image54
    Dragon308posted 8 years ago

    I hate to say this, but if you fight this she will just hide it. There is a huge pot smoking movement out there. It would be a bad thing to force this issue to much, I know. The best way to deal this is to keep telling her how this does not make you comfortable with things. But in the end it may just be something you have to deal with or lose her over…..

  4. Nan Fitzpatrick profile image58
    Nan Fitzpatrickposted 8 years ago

    End the relationship, she is not honest and uses drugs.  Wake up!

  5. molometer profile image85
    molometerposted 6 years ago

    RUN!!! as fast as you can away from her. I know its a shame but she is doomed. Save yourself.