Hi Essy I have just broken up with my bf and the thing is we still live together

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    RoseCleeveposted 8 years ago

    Hi Essy I have just broken up with my bf and the thing is we still live together as friends.

    We met a year ago on New Years Eve and became friends as well as lovers..... He moved in with me in March and we get on great.

    Lately he has been online chatting till the early hours of the morning, which our sex life took a nosedive. He suddenly announced that he wants me as a friend. I have found evidence that he may be cheating, ie condoms in the draw and love texts to other women.

    I was devestated and he denied that he has found someone else and that he flirts with other women online. I have accepeted we are just friends, but the truth is I want him back as my boyfriend. Please help!

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    C. Keiselposted 7 years ago

    In all likelihood given how long ago this question was asked you have resolved the issue all by yourself, if that is the case disregard all which I am about to say.  The truth is that is a rather awkward situation, and I would avoid living with the person again simply because of the tension that is going to exist regardless.  Honestly, if he doesn't feel the same way as you then it is something that is never going to be again and that will be something that you have to accept, however if he is just acting the typical guy and seeking all manner of women to "lay" with then perhaps you need to find yourself another, men will always be drawn to women that are off limits, in the same way that women can often be drawn (or at least find more attractive) men that have already been taken.

    C. Keisel