In a marriage that is falling apart. Cant take much more verbal abuse. Isolatio

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    mrsbktposted 8 years ago

    In a marriage that is falling apart.  Cant take much more verbal abuse. Isolation. He always...

    finds ways to make me feel sad. Just need some people to talk to who might understand. I dont get to talk to anyone anymore.

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    russiangypsygirlposted 8 years ago

    My answer would be to remember who you were before marriage. How much have you changed? What courage and bravery have you given up? What did you lose or let him gain that allows him to have the upper hand? Marriage is a partnership, a bettering of our life. Otherwise, what is the point?
    Truth is, I DO understand this feeling. But honestly, looking back I realized that you determine how people will treat you.
    It will not be an easy fight, but a fight it will be if you are wanting to stay in this marriage.
    As deeply as we are tied to our spouses, it is near impossible to not let their actions or words affect us. But remember that before marriage YOU were responsible for your own happiness, and you still are!! Do not give him the high ground, or the control to manipulate your emotions. Sometimes loving is the hardest thing in the world to do, because when someone knows us so well, it is easy for them to hit us where it hurts.
    But hang in until you are sure what you want to do.
    Don't even speak one word once he has said something hurtful. He wants that response from you. Instead say something about "well, its interesting that you feel that way. I'm going out to a movie. See ya". smile Its never easy... Feel free to talk to me anytime. I wish you the best. maria