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how do you recover from a 7 year addiction to dex that's cost your marriage, fri

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    bassplayersrgodsposted 7 years ago

    how do you recover from a 7 year addiction to dex that's cost your marriage, friends?

    Health care is gone with the marriage, along with the docs never wanted you off it. Pull it together is not working. I have severe tinnitus (can't hear). Deepest depression when meds end which could take years, and I'm financially 2 weeks from homeless.

  2. Motor leathers profile image54
    Motor leathersposted 7 years ago

    Just break yourself. Yes, that's what I suggest. If you wanna change something - get up and start doing it now. If you want to cut out of doing something - just do it. Of course, it will be painful and you will be feeling EXTREMELY bad at first. But just think about the future you want to reach. Think of what you want to achieve. And go to this. Break yourself, hate yourself and struggle in order to change. And if don't back down, this will help. But only if you never back down and keep on struggling with the life. IMHO.

  3. sofs profile image80
    sofsposted 7 years ago

    Decide to break it, dont keep dilly dallying. The desire to break it should come from yourself - be self motivated and not because of presure from outside. Only you can do it. Take help. Its hard work , hard on your but it needs to be done. Dont blame anyone else for your habit - that actually gives your an excuse to continue. Good luck. I wish you a speedy recovery!

  4. BRIGHTMAN24 profile image58
    BRIGHTMAN24posted 7 years ago

    Some would say if your 2 weeks from homless , that thats exactly where you need to be. To be reborn so they say and recover you must hit bottom. Wheather its your true bottom or a bottom that your love ones fabricateted for you, Its stil what the experts say is nessasary to a chieve recovery.  To be brought to your knees , strip away everything that made you you , so you can rebuild your self the way they thing you should be. Why are you addicted in the first place? what was so terrible in your life that you had to use to aviod , or was there a giant gaping hole of emptiness that you filled with using. which ever it was the chioce for you to change must come from you, not because you want to aviod the consiquences of your actions , because those wheels are already set in motion, but because you truly want to change. You can not change whats coming , you must find the strength to make it through it. If you choose to stop using , YOU MUST mutal through until you get to a place where you can rebuild. Every action has a reaction , this is no different. So man up ,take your lumps, and when the time is right start over. Things dont automatically change because you decide to change. So be prepared for the worst!!  THINGS WILL ONLY GET WORST IF YOU CONTUNUE ON YOUR PATH, IF YOU STOP NOW THING WILL EVENTUALLY GET BETTER!