why do some men beat up their wives or girlfriends.

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  1. profile image59
    lillianncubeposted 10 years ago

    why do some men beat up their wives or girlfriends.

    does it mean that they no longer love them ,it is not an easy thing to want to hurt someone you love.

  2. Sweetsusieg profile image83
    Sweetsusiegposted 10 years ago

    I think I have the answer you seek, it in my Hubs titled "Am I being Abused"  there is another part as but read the first it will make more sense that way.

  3. profile image0
    wademcmasterposted 10 years ago

    I think deep down the world is on top of them and they take it out on the closest person they can get away with (or think they can get away with).  Its a sign of weakness and insecurity (thats my theory aynway).

  4. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 10 years ago

    because they are weak whimps. if you hit your lady then to me it shows your not only weak minded but your character is terribly flawed.

  5. EatLovePray profile image61
    EatLovePrayposted 10 years ago

    Check out my new hub..I wrote just for your question!

  6. MickS profile image60
    MickSposted 10 years ago

    Why do some women beat up their husbands/boyfriends?  Don't pretend it doesn't happen, I've seen it several times on friends and acquaintances of mine, the police and social services say that an awful lot of men don't report it, probably out of embarrassment?
    Why do men and women do it, no idea; I've never had a desire to do it, and I've never been with a woman that does it.
    I remember one of my friends, a plumber, he'd just knocked off work and we were talking, he'd just come back from a women's refuge, where he had to replace the hot water tank, again, because one of the women had taken a hammer to it, again, and that was the sort of thing she was doing at home before her husband cracked her?  I think if I had been married to her, that may have even tried my patience.  That woman obviously needed help and was in the wrong place because her old man wasn't bright enough and eventually he lashed out after she did that sort of thing at home, instead of saying, look love, we need to get you to the doctors.
    I don't think the thing is as easy to explain as the psycho babblers would have us believe.

  7. profile image59
    SpaceAgeposted 10 years ago

    As an abuse survivor I can say that there r many reasons y ppl abuse others. From what I saw of my alcoholic parents, it was the alcohol doing it. I know this as a fact due 2 how much different they were @ times.... It wasn't til I was much older that I realized those times. Hey weren't mean were times they were @ least 1/2 sober. Other things included in the endless vicious abuse cycle is control over the victim. Victims often don't have any rights, & they're treated like dirt. Those 'good' times r really just part of the endless vicious abuse cycle. I know b/c I lived thru it 13 yrs.

  8. amansword81 profile image61
    amansword81posted 9 years ago

    Why do men cheat on there wives, theres many reasons. In my opinion we cheat on our women because we fall to attraction with beauty or somethings that we don't constantly see on the daily basis. We dont' think about making what we have better. Simply because majority of us men dont come from a humble home where women are apprieciated. We come from homes that expose us to sex, gosip, and single women as parents. Are values for treating women starts with where you come from. If you come from a home where everything us men learn came from the generations before us, well in some ways its ok, but in other it creates a repetative cycle of the same abuse, and none appreiciation. We men are famous for repeating what we see and making it better, we like to seek and conquer no matter the cause. what does this have to do with cheating. We men get bored very quickly, im one so im telling you. If we were ever divorced it gives us a higher reason to not being happy with just one. Its like we have one women but they all look so good, and she looks so sexy with this, and talks like this, and shows me intrest like this....Just many reasons that build into us taking this moment and seizing it. We dont think right in the moment we do the best we can when we have it without thinking about the future. Our future is determined by what we can do now. This is my opinion and comes from my personal experiance. I only say this because it truely is the way i use to be.........theres more i have to write but i really dont want to bore you....if you are intrested in more i will gladly spill my heart for you just in a good way


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