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How morally wrong is it for a husband who does not love his wife continue to liv

  1. CMCastro profile image80
    CMCastroposted 7 years ago

    How morally wrong is it for a husband who does not love his wife continue to live with her?

    The husband has told his wife that the relationship is "OVER" but is not rushing to leave her. Maybe the wife should become forceful to move him out.

  2. fundamentallife profile image57
    fundamentallifeposted 7 years ago

    I should think it would depend on the individual couples circumstances. What if the house belongs to him, not her? What if there are children involved, but the couple just can't live together as a couple any longer? (but remain friends)

    There are many 'permutations'. But in a straight forward 'I just don't want to be with you any longer'.... give him the boot!!


  3. Lisa HW profile image73
    Lisa HWposted 7 years ago

    Since he was honest with her, I'm not sure I think it's "morally wrong" for him to stay in the house - at least not unless, after he told her, she requested he leave and he refused to go (or at least set up some kind of arrangement with her about which one of them will go).

  4. profile image50
    lady222posted 7 years ago

    I feel it is morally wrong for the husband to continue to live with the wife. I've tried this and there are too many feelings when you live in the same home. I would give him a period of time to get his finances in order, if needed, say like 30 days. Anything longer than 3 months is too long and she needs to have him leave. Why would he continue to stay? It is probably easier for him to come and go as he pleases, but that is unfair to her.

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