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Have you ever feel so threatened by a believer that u want to reconsider your re

  1. sofs profile image81
    sofsposted 7 years ago

    Have you ever feel so threatened by a believer that u want to reconsider your relationship with the

    person? no matter how good it is?

  2. The Suburban Poet profile image83
    The Suburban Poetposted 7 years ago

    Here is my answer (posted on my site):

    How can I find you God?
    Your people block my way
    The path to salvation
    Seems so far away

    Help them my God
    They know not what they do
    Your words they wield
    Are they God or are you?

    How can I know you God?
    When they are so sure
    Spoiling your simple message
    It no longer seems pure

    Help me my God
    I cannot see you
    Only their dilated eyes
    Blocking my view

    I am confused my God
    You send them to me
    Irrational and weak
    Destroying all you can be

    Where are you my God?
    Tell them they are wrong
    Only reading the notes
    And not hearing the song

    Am I lost oh God?
    Because they say it so?
    Wandering the wilderness
    Which way should I go?

    Believe in me God
    My instincts so clear
    Walking through the fire
    I sense you are near

    Send the message my God
    Show them the way
    Leave me alone
    I cannot stay

    You are my God
    In you I trust
    Take me as I am
    Only you are just

    Teach me God
    To see your word
    Give me your grace
    However undeserved

    I feel your image my God
    In my emotional depth
    Open my eyes to heaven
    And show me it's breadth

    Is it possible my God
    To speak your word
    Distorted by man's own image
    Can it truly be heard?

    When we meet my God
    I will bow in sorrow
    For the failures of my mind
    With hope for tomorrow

  3. profile image0
    jca197493@yahoo.cposted 7 years ago

    Not at all. I may not necessarily share their beliefs or the depth in wich they believe however, that is what makes the world diverse!

  4. sofs profile image81
    sofsposted 7 years ago

    @ Suburban poet man has his flaws agreed,  believer or not.. why single out the believer..May be has has zeal, he has passion that you cannot see, may be has something worth giving... something worth possessing , at least he has a way of life...
    But my question was  just because your friend was a believer will you turn away........If you did my friend...
      then you don't believe either.. you are standing in judgement of your friend...
    I don't know S poet... But if I have the best I will want my friend to have it too .. that will be my wish though, I will not thrust it down anyones throat..
    I do understand and appreciate what you say here in this poem.. Thank you.. smile