Could you offer some advice, I am in a loving relationship with a lesbian.

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    Weourallmadhereposted 7 years ago

    Could you offer some advice, I am in a loving relationship with a lesbian.

    A lesbian girl and I a straight boy have kinda of slipped into to a relationship where we our both in love. Seeing your other topics I thought you might be able to help. Any suggestions on how to keep this going? It is awesome relationship and we have some severely strong emotions for each other. I'm just a bit worried about the situation. She has been in a situation once before and it slipped into just friends. How can I keep that from happening? I really care about this girl and believe I am not the kinda of guy to ask questions like this online. But hell I'm scared and would like help

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    tom hellertposted 6 years ago

    Well Miss Tiara,- sir
    i will give you the best advice i can-
    For a boy you have to realize this person - this girl- will never "totally love you if she is true lesbian- some lesbians-act more like men-i had the coolest gay woman boss she was awesome- she acted like "one of the guys" Sorry back to the question..... A guy can like a lesbian - because- she is a girl,,, but getting a lesbian to like a guy is too tough unless she likes guys and girls. So if it is possible for for freind to like the opposite sex- then, you have to be yourself- because if you "become something else" it won't work- long term-Someone has to like you for you- i got lucky i met my wife and-was myself and she liked me - lucky me... too many times people "change" to make themselves more attractive to their interests-
    good luck