sugar daddies

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    momof1redhedposted 8 years ago

    I have read different posts on this topic.  Honestly, I have been on several of their sites.  I have talked to several potential "Daddies".  It is like any other dating.  Some men right up front, first time you talk even before meeting want to talk dirty, and I mean DIRTY.  Some of these guys have major S & M fetishes and the only way they are going to find a woman to do what they want is to PAY and PAY big.  But, I have also talked to and actually met a couple of nice normal men with money.  They are simply busy and want a woman in their life for a relationship and companionship.

    Any woman thinking about using one of these sites, make sure you talk to any man you are considering alot to be sure he is who and what he presents himself to be, before you meet him.  Always meet in a public place.  Do not give him your address until you are comfortable with him, that means several dates first. Be careful, some men lie to get on the site to find "easy" women and will be happy to have sex with you on the first date and ask you to send them nude photos.  Then, you find out he isn't who he says he is and was just looking for a quick roll.

    Same thing with the men, talk to these women a while, really know who you are dealing with.  Some of these women are in it for the money and you put yourself in the way of physical harm.  Don't let her promises of kinky sex or a threesome blind you to a dangerous situation where you could get robbed or even worse.

    If you are careful and lucky enough to find the person that you are looking for, this kind of site works for all involved.  Just like any other dating site, you just have to use some common sense.  If someone sounds to good to be true, they probably are.

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    creativeone59posted 8 years ago

    My Dear, I think you have just given out very good advice, and hopefully anyone out there that's trying to get dates on this site ,will be very careful about who ever it is they're dealing with.  I Think women should  have a period of time to get to know who ever the man is; before they start going anywhere with him. Maybe start out by going to public places only until she feel safe enough to do it differently. Just walk softly and carry a big stick. lol.  creativeone59

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    Youngcurves19posted 8 years ago

    I think its nice to find a man or woman which ever way works but to go on a site that’s ONLY for sugar daddies is Degrading and sad! Money isn’t what’s important! life isn’t supposed to be easy and NOONE likes being broke but it shouldn’t matter! I mean im no one important to judge anyone else but it aint my cup of tea!