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My aunt is leading a miserable life and is being ill treated by her daughter in

  1. dipsmi profile image73
    dipsmiposted 6 years ago

    My aunt is leading a miserable life and is being ill treated by her daughter in law.

    My aunt is leading a miserable life and is being ill treated by her daughter in law. All my relatives know about it but keep asking me to know more about the details cause I am close to her. No matter how many times I have declined telling them anything, the elderly relatives just keep pestering me. Cant avoid talking to them but how to avoid the situation.

  2. biancaalice profile image60
    biancaaliceposted 6 years ago

    Majority of the time when people want the scoop on what is going on with any particular issue they pester the person/ situation because someone or something gave them the idea that you know what they want to know. Stop telling anybody that your aunt has issues, don't give it that energy.

    Now it's not about declining them the information they want but to not know what they are talking about. If someone knows you have what they want, they'll never leave you alone but on the other hand if you slowly just don't know what's going on anymore and just play dumb. They ask; you don't know- tell them you are staying out of her personal issues now because it's not your business. But behind closed doors, you help the people you want and keep it to yourself.

    When you don't have any information to give up, they will eventually leave you alone because you don't know anymore of what's going on so what can you tell them. It works well for noisy people.

  3. nick071438 profile image58
    nick071438posted 6 years ago

    Good Morning!  Your relatives are deeply concerned about the true living condition of your aunt and they kept pestering you asking for details about her because of your physical closeness to her.  Don't keep a blind eye to the situation. Talk with your relatives how to improve your aunt's life.  Group dynamics works.  So with a relative or two, visit your aunt and ask her daughter-in-law about their relationship.  She may tell you lies but it's not important.  Your visit brings home the point that your noble purpose is to bring comfort and solace to you aunt's miserable life and that her daughter-in-law should learn to treat your aunt as a human being.
    A follow-up visit or two may help solve the situation, but if it worsen, call an authority, a counselor perhaps, if not, the police.

  4. JohnGreasyGamer profile image86
    JohnGreasyGamerposted 5 years ago

    All I can say is get social services involved, and keep the rest of the family away until the "heat dies down". Sorry for the lack of advice, but there's little I can do. I wish your aunt the best, and I hope she gets peace ^^