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Can love be 'real' with someone who's years younger than you?

  1. Dillon James profile image61
    Dillon Jamesposted 6 years ago

    Can love be 'real' with someone who's years younger than you?

  2. Brandon Spaulding profile image57
    Brandon Spauldingposted 6 years ago

    My Grandfather was 20 years older than his second wife. She was more financially well off than he was when they married. I guess it just depends on the person and their phase of life. Anything is possible

  3. nextchapter profile image76
    nextchapterposted 6 years ago

    Yes.  I am 19 years younger than my husband - and I believe that we share real love for each other.  We started as business acquaintances, and then developed a friendship.  That friendship deepened, when I was diagnosed with cancer, and my husband (who was still a friend) reached out to me - with support, with revealing a private medical diagnosis that significantly influenced his own life - and with a caring concern.  At this point in our lives, we are still the best of friends - although we often have very different viewpoints.  Some of those differences are influenced by our age -- but we both respect each other's viewpoints, and we have learned a great deal from each other.  The age thing still bothers him at times - but I don't think about it (except to the extent that it bothers him).  We are two people, who are friends, lovers, and in a great marriage.  The age difference is essentially irrelevant in our situation.  And, with most people, I think - and I hope - that true love is a special bond which should be blind to age.

  4. The Invincible profile image60
    The Invincibleposted 6 years ago

    Why not? What purpose it will serve, not to be real with someone..
    I believe, it's not about the age difference, it's just about how honest you are...