What are the good things about being a woman?

  1. algarveview profile image90
    algarveviewposted 5 years ago

    What are the good things about being a woman?

  2. Vasiliki Bouras profile image60
    Vasiliki Bourasposted 5 years ago

    Boobs! -Just kidding, there is more to being a woman than having boobs, obviously....
    I think it's relative, Personally, I think being a woman has it's good qualities and bad qualities.
    I thought to myself, In my next life time, would I want to be a woman or man, and I definetly still would want to be a woman; even though I would have to deal with dreadful periods ever month.
    If you were a man, you could not get away with a lot of things women could get away with, like playing the steriotypical roles of a "dumb woman" just because you could care less about the conversation anyway, This would appear as being "cute" or typical, I guess.
    Actually this question is alot harder to answer than it seems. The answers couldn't possibly be cut and dry, It would require a lot of in depth thinking, that I don't have time for at this moment. It's a great question, and I believe there are a lot of good things about being a woman.
    Like having Boobs!

  3. Angela Blair profile image80
    Angela Blairposted 5 years ago

    First of all I love Vasiliki Bouras answer where she says "boobs!" I, unfortunately was less than endowed with that womanly feature so can't list it high on my list of "good" things. After cancer surgery I even bought some and didn't like them either! Sincerely now -- all joking aside -- as a mature woman looking back -- I think the best thing about being a woman was having and raising my son. That was and is the great womanly pleasure in my life and my fondest memory now that he's passed away. Not all women want children and that's a personal choice  -- but those who do and have them -- are blessed beyond compare. I know I was.