Love. What make your heart melt for the person of your dreams?

  1. Lyrickkw profile image68
    Lyrickkwposted 6 years ago

    Love.  What make your heart melt for the person of your dreams?

    Like beyonce sang crazy in love, what do you like about your mate and why  do you think they are so dreamy?

  2. sammieham0317 profile image60
    sammieham0317posted 6 years ago

    I love my husband; to me he is the most perfect man in the world. He's the EXACT opposite of me, and where I am weak, he is strong. Though he is not this flat out gooey romantic, he is romantic in small, subtle ways. He would send me small, sweet texts early in the morning, just to tell me he loved me and was thinking about me. He promised to stand by me and bring me vibrant, colorful objects when we were looking at the possibility of me needing surgery so that I didn't go blind. He randomly will post Facebook statuses calling me the most beautiful woman in the world. I love the way he holds me when we sleep. He makes sure I am warm when it's cold. The first time I ever went with him to his home, on the day I was going back home, I had gotten overheated from the heater. I asked him to turn the heater off. He did, but then in the morning, I got cold. He turned the heater back on, wrapped me up and held me until I was warm. Once I had to go to the hospital because I was having stomach issues and he wrapped me in his sweater and his jacket before we went to the hospital. Another time I was sick and he laid beside me, holding me until I fell asleep. He then pulled the blankets over me and kissed my forehead. There are messages he has sent me when we began dating that touched me so deep in my heart that I still remember them verbatim. For Valentine's day, he walked a mile to the Nutty Chocolatier to get me handmade Belgian chocolates and heart donuts from Tim Hortons. He even had them personalize the chocolate key with white chocolate writing on it "The Key to My Heart

  3. Keith Ham profile image58
    Keith Hamposted 6 years ago

    My wife I love not because she is 'dreamy' or anything, not that I don't dream about her or anything, but because she is extremely important to me. She helps me mentally and loves to take care of me. I am what you would call 'a big lug' in the 90s. Whereas I got all the heart but none of the sensibilities LOL She evens that out.
    Though she is much smaller then me, I bet that woman would carry me to the hospital if I was sick and I bet she wouldn't ask a thing of it. I love to take care of her too and she brings out my urge to protect her because she is... well... mine LOL Not in a primal sense but I feel she needs to be careful not to get hurt and sort of like shes the flower in a volcano - you know?
    A great part is that she knows I would do the same in return, and take care of her if ever she needed taken care of. What I do is sloppy, and in luck mostly, but she will guide me along the best she can because she is loving like that.
    I really would never give her up for anything in this world.


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