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Love. Have you found your soul mate?

  1. lou2212 profile image66
    lou2212posted 5 years ago

    Love. Have you found your soul mate?

  2. gmaoli profile image78
    gmaoliposted 5 years ago

    No, but perhaps one day I'll be surprised.

  3. jeshon profile image68
    jeshonposted 5 years ago

    Yes,I have! I consider myself lucky to have done so, and everyday since we met everything have felt so easy and right.

    The feeling of belonging and to have found my place is completely different to anything I have ever known. Therefor,he must be my soul mate:)

  4. jeshon profile image68
    jeshonposted 5 years ago

    Depending on where you are spiritually the existent of soul mates and the thoughts about them vary. Many people are suggesting that there are no such thing as a higher or a certain connection between two people that have never met, or that fate... read more

  5. JulieStrier profile image85
    JulieStrierposted 5 years ago

    In the traditional sense, yes. My husband is my best friend, my life partner, and so much more.

    However, a few years ago I redefined my own definition of soul mate. I used to believe in the traditional sense of the word -- that one person who is meant to be yours and yours alone, your predestined partner, or whatever you want to call them. 

    Now my definition of soul mate is drastically different. I believe that a person can have many soul mates, and that a soul mate is not just restricted to the romantic realm. To me, a soul mate is someone who lights you up in ways that others cannot, who just gets you, and understands you. It is someone that you connect with on a level that you just don't connect with other people (and I'm not talking sexually). At times, it can almost seem like you share a brain. In my opinion, a person can have several soul mates. In fact, I have two soul mates now (at least that I know of)-- my husband and a dear female friend-- and I'm sure I'll connect with more as the years roll by.