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Should gender be a factor in the price of a haircut?

  1. paulburchett profile image68
    paulburchettposted 5 years ago

    Should gender be a factor in the price of a haircut?

    $9.95 men cut, $12.95 and up for a woman. After a recent trip to the hair salon, I was made aware of this question. A nice young woman who was there got her hair cut short with the clippers, down to a burr, it took like 5 minutes. Fine with me, she looked nice. She asked if she could pay the price as men do and was told no. What are your thoughts?

  2. orderedchaos profile image92
    orderedchaosposted 5 years ago

    I think it's all about what each sex is willing to pay for the service. Typically women are willing to spend more on self-grooming then men, and salons know this. Cutting and styling a woman's hair also usually takes a bit longer since there is usually more hair to deal with, so I get where the prices come from. However, my personal belief is that the price should be determined by the length/difficulty of the cut and style- not gender alone. There are some women like the one you spoke of who don't require such a high maintenance cut, while some men are pickier than women when it comes to their luscious locks and it'll more than double the time as a typical man's cut.

  3. christin53 profile image82
    christin53posted 5 years ago

    I don't think it should be anything to do with gender, but more about how much you are having done to your hair and how long it takes. However women usually spend more time at the hairdressers so they would expect to pay more.

  4. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 5 years ago

    I think it should be about the time and work for the hairdresser or barber, rather than gender.

    Seems to me a 5 minute haircut whether man or woman, should pay less than someone with long hair that takes much longer to section out and cut.

  5. somethgblue profile image87
    somethgblueposted 5 years ago

    Consider that I can buy a three six pack's of men's underwear for what it cost most women to buy one pair and you will have your answer.

    Unfortunately women are charged more for clothing, shoes, etc., than men for similar products and get this they on average are paid less then men with similar jobs, go figure.

    On the other hand our society treats them as sex objects and they buy into the concept by endorsing the idea with the purchase of make up, clothing and accessories.

    If women new the real reason lipstick was invented (Roman prostitutes painted their lips red to advertise their specialty)  would they continue to wear it . . . you betcha!

  6. lburmaster profile image83
    lburmasterposted 5 years ago

    Not from my perspective. It is all about the length of the hair and the style desired.

  7. JakeFrost profile image59
    JakeFrostposted 5 years ago

    Well, although it could come across sexiest I do think the prices are right. Women need a lot more care for their hair (this is generalised by the way). Men 'tend' to have short hair and just need a quick snip to stop it getting in the way, even if a women just wants a quick snip the hairdresser still needs to show more care and perfection into making sure that snip is just right.

    I'm sure if a guy had really long hair and wanted a full colouring package with blow-drying and washing involved he wouldn't get away with paying just 9.95 for a several hour job.

    As with the girl you're describing, it could work both ways and I wouldn't really know how to reply. Since she was a women I think the hairdresser would have put more care into it, a man just needs it all shaved off, but the hairdresser was still probably cautious when cutting the women's hair. Sorry if I'm rambling (I do that), I hope you can make sense of this answer.

  8. Oscarlites profile image35
    Oscarlitesposted 5 years ago

    well, precendence over practicality, over economics..  Women are used to being spoiled, and used to paying for it!

    I wonder what happens with gender benders?   based on looks, many gals could do with a mans rough and ready haircut .   

    I was raised that women should keep thier hair long for Gods Glory.   and God are they beautiful when they do!.    modern times has changed a lot!.

    it came to my attention not long ago, that the stylists get a second cut out of it.. they get paid by the pound for the hair they remove.  that makes sense when they are always sayinng can I cut a little more off?   like the woman who just related to me. "I got my hair cut and I thought it looked great! and yet the stylist wanted to cut it again!"

  9. viveresperando profile image73
    viveresperandoposted 5 years ago

    I do not think it should be based on gender.  Based on length of hair, difficulty in the type of cut wanted, and length of time it takes to complete task. Time is money.

  10. LauraGSpeaks profile image97
    LauraGSpeaksposted 5 years ago

    Gender should have no difference on price, but it does.  Same issue as the dry cleaners.

  11. safiq ali patel profile image71
    safiq ali patelposted 5 years ago

    I'm not sure on this question. As far as I can see women pay more for a hair cut than men. But if men want things like hair coloring then men pay more than women. This difference in what men and women pay for their hair cut is there, it is real and it seems to be something to do with the very traditional rules of the Hair Cutting and Dressing Industry.

  12. Catherine Deslipp profile image60
    Catherine Deslippposted 5 years ago

    It is true, I myself have seen this in the salon, woman almost getting the same haircut as a man and paying more. Now its different when they are getting it styled but in all fairness we are all greated equally." I am for paying the same. "

  13. tamarawilhite profile image91
    tamarawilhiteposted 5 years ago

    A volume discount, giving people a lower rate if they come in for cuts more often, would be most fair. Men who come in weekly or biweekly would pay less than women who come in once a month for a trim. However, more complex services like coloring and perming rightfully cost more.

  14. paulburchett profile image68
    paulburchettposted 5 years ago

    So many great answers, gonna be hard to pick a best. Thanks to all that answered.