When "marriage is already made in Heaven" what is 'Love's' Purpose on Earth?

  1. techap profile image69
    techapposted 5 years ago

    When "marriage is already made in Heaven" what is 'Love's' Purpose on Earth?

  2. pinto2011 profile image78
    pinto2011posted 5 years ago

    The very purpose of love on earth is the realization of that heavenly commitment.  It may have been solemnized in the heaven but it is meant for earth and the meaning is to be fulfilled here only.  With a perfect and eternal realization, you can actually feel the heavenly experience here on earth only and need not have to think beyond the earthly boundary.   

    Also, it is an interpretation of things or words. One can interpret it like that the marriage vows should be respected and enjoyed with your partner for life thinking that it is solemnized in the heaven and has god's will attached to it. This way people may respect more to their vows better and always try to keep it intact.

  3. lov804 profile image59
    lov804posted 5 years ago

    In my mind Love's purpose on earth is to give a glimpse into heaven and show what may be in store.  When marriage is made in heaven the love wrought from it translates to earth in order to show what the possibilities are.  We all know, at least those of us who have been fortunate to experience real love, that Marriage is a little bit heaven, and a little bit hell at times.  After all is said and done however,  Love and marriage, or both of them when they stand alone, mean the same thing.  So I guess the purpose of love is to remind us all that there is always something greater waiting for a commitment to it.