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Is arrogance some sort of defense mechanism?

  1. Bhawna Dixit profile image59
    Bhawna Dixitposted 4 years ago

    Is arrogance some sort of defense mechanism?

    Why are some people so arrogant and so full of themselves? They really don't care for anybody or they pretend.

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    Gursherposted 4 years ago

    Yes, it sure is. Being arrogant is the complete opposite of being somebody who lives in deep thought and tries to give meaning to everything. Once u think about something so much, u tend to understand what sort of an effect it has on society and upon yourself. In order to avoid this feeling, people tend to not think about it at all, this way they only do things which are easy to do at that very point of time and pleasing to them at a very shallow level.
    So arrogance is nothing to be proud of, but arrogant people have a deep sense of satisfaction in their lives as they know nothing about the other side of the coin.

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    Larry Wallposted 4 years ago

    For some people, arrogance is indeed a defense mechanism. A person does not want to be found wrong, questioned or debated so he becomes arrogant.

    For others, it is a natural part of their personality. They believe they are always right, know all the answers and feel there is no need in arguing with him.

    The difference in the first case, the arrogant person knows he does not know everything, may not be right, etc. but does not want anyone else to know that, thus his insecurity leads to arrogance.

    In the second case, the person is never aware or considers the possibility that he may be wrong, or not have all the answers and his persona projects an arrogance  that most do not want to deal with, so they listen and ignore.

  4. dashingscorpio profile image86
    dashingscorpioposted 4 years ago

    Arrogance is akin to self-confidence on steroids. A person who is use to getting "their way" is bound to become arrogant overtime. In fact I would say very successful people have to "work" at not coming off as arrogant.
    Arrogant people tend to live life on their terms and are often admired and hated equally by large segments of the population. (Muhammad Ali, Bill Clinton, Steve Jobs, and John Lennon) are a few examples of famous men known for being arrogant. People behave in accordance to what (works) for them to reach their goals.
    Ironically many women desire men who come across as being aloof to their charms. It's been said if you place a woman in a room with five men and four of them are bending over backwards with their heart in their hands seeking her attention while the fifth guy completely (ignores) her...She will pursue him! This is why people attribute this quote to women who love "bad boys" because they see them as being more of a (challenge). 
    "We adore those who ignore us and ignore those who adore us."