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Is there anything good about long distance relationships?

  1. lisasuniquevoice profile image76
    lisasuniquevoiceposted 4 years ago

    Is there anything good about long distance relationships?


  2. Scribenet profile image86
    Scribenetposted 4 years ago

    Yes.  For one thing...there is a lot of dialogue ( or should be)...that is a good thing. Skype makes communicating much easier in this day and age. This type of relationship takes much longer to develop...or at least should take longer,


    It is difficult if the distance involves international travel across borders or a very long distance that takes more than a day's drive... That can prove very difficult for working couples with limited vacation time and resources! Think what you can do financially and practically (there are only so many hours in a day)

    Then there is the ultimate decision of who will move if the relationship progresses.

    Not for the timid or for people who "don't think" before they leap.
    One has to think through all the possibilities..."What if it doesn't work", (for instance...then what?)

    Personally I do not think a long distance relationship can work for the majority of people (because of the pitfalls) unless they are already married to each other and the other has to travel for work.

    However, if the long-distance pair are not  huge "party animals", are patient and think actions out carefully and cautiously; have enough time to arrange visits and importantly; make time to communicate every single day, sharing the ordinary aspects of their lives; then for the right people, it can work!

  3. kellyanne828 profile image83
    kellyanne828posted 4 years ago

    My husband and I were in a long distance relationship before we were married. It was definitely hard, but it showed us that we were committed to each other and we really wanted to be together. The time we did get to spend together was cherished.

  4. dashingscorpio profile image88
    dashingscorpioposted 4 years ago

    There are some good things about LDRs even though they are meant to be temporary. Eventually someone has to make a move or the relationship fizzles. Some of the good things are:
    1. The "infatuation phase" lasts a little longer because you aren't around each other as much. Therefore when you do get together you want to make the (most) of your time doing things that please one another. Each time one person visits the other it's like having vacation sex. :-)
    2. The "host" makes plans to show their "guest" a good time on visits. Takes them to their favorite restaurants, beaches, and shows them the sites.
    3. If you enjoy being in a relationship but also value having your "own space" then a LDR can be ideal.
    4. Last but not least if one of you feels the relationship has "run it's course" it is perfectly acceptable to breakup over the phone. No one expects you to buy a plane ticket to fly around the world just to say: "I have decided (this) is not working for me."

  5. lilmissmeg profile image60
    lilmissmegposted 4 years ago

    I am in a long distance relationship now and there are a lot of good things about being in one as well as cons.. but think positive right?!
    one good thing would be the fact that you get your alone time and being long distance makes the relationships stronger because you have more of a mental and emotional connection rather than physical. Besides the fact that they are way cuter! You can Skype and call your significant other and theres something about that to me that makes it even more special. And then..after being away from each other for so long..when you finally get to see him/her it's like the heavens open! I love my boyfriend sooo much even if he does live eight hours away, the way we talk he makes me feel like he's right next to me all the time

  6. Maricarmjolo profile image76
    Maricarmjoloposted 4 years ago

    Here are the list of things I find good about long distance relationship:
    1. You are daydreaming of him or her more. You imagine how happy you will be if you are with him or her at the moment.
    2. You are saving money because you are not frequently going out together
    3. There is more communication. Normally you take for granted your partner if you know you can talk to him or her anytime you want.
    4. You are motivated. Both of you know that there is barrier- the distance, but you are willing to prove that you can surpass this obstacle in your relationship.
    5. You have more free time to spent with friends and yourself.