How Egos affect the SOUL & Life?

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    anoop narayananposted 4 years ago

    How Egos affect the SOUL & Life?

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    jabelufirozposted 4 years ago

    Ego Meets Ego

    We intermingle with people every day all day and our ego does the greeting. Chock-full of ideas, beliefs, preconceptions and prejudices, we come face to face with another one of us just as opinionated. This ‘interaction’ between two egos and their stories is what relationships bond or break over.

    Let’s recap what we learned about ego so far. Ego’s purpose is to serve the Soul, our inner Self. On earth, that goal evolves into ego serving itself. How convenient. Selfishness—gauging a situation according to how it feels to you—is the only steady guide we have in this lifetime because it’s metered against spirit energy. This is why selfishness feels good because your individual growth and gain is a job well done.

    This selfishness rears its head in our everyday dealings and interactions because you set out to live for your ultimate satisfaction (basically, to avoid pain). If you seek pleasure, you’re avoiding pain. As long as it believes it’s here to avoid pain, ego continues to thrive.

    Now, take the self-consciousness, the conditions and beliefs that ego creates and perpetuates in order to stay alive and then pair that with another ego just as eager to live. The scene of this meet can be a handshake, a conversation, a kiss, anything. If we take a step back and look at the communion of two people without bias, we can accept it as it is: a beautiful dance of spirit energy. If we step off our seat of consciousness to commune as ego, it becomes an exchange of perceived value.

    Ego Love

    We all fell prey to the fairy tales mom read us at bedtime. And later to the romance novels and movies. We’re now convinced love looks a certain way. So we set out to find it. We demand a partner to share experiences with. Someone to gift you with kinship, family, increase, permanence and trust.

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